20 Best Wedding Braided Hairstyles For bridals 2016-2017


No makeover is complete and perfect until you opt a stylish and graceful hairstyles, especially when it comes to the wedding day, pretty and elegant hairstyle make brides look appealing, eye-catching and magnificent in their big day apparel. So here we present amazing 20 hairdo’s having braids with tiara’s and flowers and these are western hairdo’s for more enchanting look.

Serial No Hairstyle Serial No Hairstyle
1 Messy Side Braids 11 Simple Front Braid
2 Fishtail Braid With Tiara 12 Side Braids With Floral Hair Up-Do
3 Floral Braided Bands Hair-Do’s 13 Messy Hairdo With Half Hairs
4 Floral Fishtail Styles 14 Braided Bands With Side Fishtails
5 Double Side Braids 15 Side Braids With Layers
6 Half Hair Braids 16 Braided Side Bands
7 Braided Buns 17 Neat And Simple Braid
8 Waterfall Braids 18 Hairbun With Whirls of Braids
9 Multiple Braided Bun 19 Simple Floral Fishtail Braid
10 Fabulous Bun With Overlapping Braid 20 Gorgeous Bun With Front Braid
1. Messy Side Braids
Cool feathery hair locks coupled with beautiful crown in which flowers hairstyles carrying various braids into a single braid and gives a messy touch at all for an alluring look.

20 fishtail braided hairstyles

2. Fishtail Braid With Tiara
Fishtail style with loose curls bring glamorous look and balance the stunning white headpiece of the bride. For gorgeous and appealing look with hairclip or flower crown headband.

side braid with tiara

3. Floral Braided Bands Hair-Do’s
A beautiful braided crown is loved by all women for wedding, whether it’s summer or spring, these braided crowns always gives a glamorous look with crystal gown and add some dainty flowers.

floral braided bands

4. Floral Fishtail Styles
An amazing way is to make a side braid with loose curls and blooms it with dainty flowers. It will gives the romantic and fascinating appearance.

hairstyles with braids

5. Double Side Braids

If you want your styles simple and neat then this the right choice for you. This hairdo carries a combination of loose braids with loosely locked hairs tied into a side ponytail.

Double Side Braids...stylopanet.com

6. Half Hair Braids
Make double braided band in front of your hairs make this style more regal and this the best replacement of gilded tiara.

Half Hair Braids...styloplanet.com

7. Braided Buns
A great bun with flowering crown is one of the great wedding styles for every girl in every country and culture. This fascinating fairtale carry gorgeous braid with volumized hair bun with dainty flowers.

Braided Bun... Styloplanet.com

8.Waterfall Braids
Waterfall braids are pretty hairstyle was very easier before other styles because it is very simple to create and have a soft and flowering appearance. It becomes marvelous when hairstyles dropping low on one side.

Waterfall Braids...styloplanet.com

9. Multiple Braided Bun
If you want stylish and different look on your wedding theme is best one, because this is twisted tucked into up and the best thing is to use your braids as a baseline to tuck into curls.

Bun With Multiple Bradis

10. Fabulous Bun With Overlapping Braid
If you want different and decent hair do on your wedding then wearing a classic chignon would be best with multiple set of braids and tie them with great care because these don’t look messy at all.

Elegant Braid With oVerlapping Braids...styloplanet.com

11. Simple Front Braid
Simplicity is the beauty of women and this becomes true with this nice braided hairband with any white wedding crystal dress.

Simple Front Braid...styloplanet.com

12. Side Braids With Floral Hair Up-Do
Bridals with wavy and curly hairs can opt these designs with half hair locks and this is a half-up style with curly hairs. You can use beautiful flowers that make crown over third braid.

side braided hairstyles with upd0

13. Messy Hairdo With Half Hairs

Loose twisted curls with tendrils in pleasant and airy arrangement makes it super cool and flowers on tendrils makes it simple and alluring.

Half Hair Messy Updo...styloplanet.com

14. Braided Bands With Side Fishtails
This style is combination of two designs these are french and fishtail braid. The front portion is adorned with french styles and the rest are tied in fishtail which makes our hair’s worth carrying.

Braid Bands with Side Fishtail...styloplanet.com

15. Side Braided Style With Layers
For outdoor weddings we need special care with our hair style, so for this situation fuss- french braid would be ideal to opt a flowering crown to make more fabulous.

Side Braid With layers...styloplanet.com

16. Braided Side Bands

It’s again half up do with braided crown combine and twisted with curls. In order to keep balance between two of them then keep each braid thick.

20 simple braided hairstyles

17. Neat And Simple Braid
If you have silky and straight hairs then double layered crown wrapping around the half of your head is best and keep the rest free for a great look.

20 simple braided hairstyles

18. Hairbun With Whirls of Braids
This great styles is adorned with some plaits and braids and looks exquisite and gives volume to your hairs.Bun With Whirls Of Braids...styloplanet.com

19. Simple Floral Fishtail Braided Style
It is simple fishtail braid beautifully adorned with pretty flowers and feathers that makes you reason of attention of everyone.

Neat Floral Fishtal Braid...styloplanet.com

20. Gorgeous Bun With Front Braid
This wedding hairstyles is considered as most modern and trendy updo by all women because it is having a fan bun with a front fishtail that gives you extraordinary look.


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20 Best Wedding Braided Hairstyles For bridals 2016-2017
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20 Best Wedding Braided Hairstyles For bridals 2016-2017
Do you have your wedding hair stylist on speed dial? No! We have gathered 20 braided hairstyles for wedding brides to make their look attractive on big day.