Best Tips For long Eyelashes At Home Naturally


  • The appealing, attractive and mostly lovely feature of every girl’s face is her eyes. Every girl keeps on trying to different tricks an tactics to make their eyelashes long and attractive. They also take much care of their eyes and eyebrows too. The prime role of eyelashes is to protect our eyes from dust and other damaging diseases.

  • Every women try their best to look pretty and apply many tips. Some girls are always worried for their short eyelashes because they spoil their beauty. Mostly ladies have thin lashes and they always dreaming for long lashes, these ladies use number of products for this reason. Here are some Best tips For long Eyelashes At Home Naturally so give them a look.

Vitamin E Capsules With Sweet Almond  & Castor Oil

Mix both ingredients in a bowl or plates and apply them to eye with fingers or any cotton bud. You can wash it off after night.

best tips for thick eyelashes

Almond & Castor Oil

Take equal quantities of both of theses and mix them well and then apply it with a mascara brush. It is also one of the popular remedy which is always tried by Ladies.

best tips to get long eyelashes at home naturally

Castor Oil & Rosemary

Using rosemary with castor is effective and best remedy for lush an long lashes. Mix equal quantities of both ingredients and put in them gently on your pumples.

best tips for long lashes

Apply Castor Oil With Ear Bud

It is one of the natural and most used remedy at home by ladies. The girls who have already applied this trick they are very satisfied with it and recommend it to others also.

best tips for long eyelashes

Vitamin E With Other Oils

Take an old mascara bottle and brush and wash them well. Now pour all oils in it an apply as you use mascara.

best tips to get long eyelashes at home


Get any best Vaseline from market and get a small amount of this on finger and gently apply it on your eyelashes, and your face look will become as beautiful as shown below.

best tips for long eyelashes naturally

Aloe Vera Gel, Castor & Vitamin E oil

Grab a small amount of Aloe Vera Gel from the market and mix some amount of vitamin E and Castor and apply gently. You can get gel from aloe Vera leaves also.

best tips to get long eyelashes at home

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is always very beneficial for long hairs. You can mix both ingredients as shown below and get result more better than artificial tricks.

best tips to get long eyelashes at home

We have concluded that castor oil is best remedy for in all serum that helps getting your pumples pretty. The oil is always reached with Vitamin E, omega and protein, which absorbed quickly in the hairs of lashes and then lock all nutrients. The other very useful ingredient are almond gel, which act as best nourishing and moisturizer for our pumples.

So ladies, if you are worried about your thin lashes then apply these tips and get best results at home naturally without any extra cost. It is better to apply these before going to bed so they will become dry and give best results sooner. After three days you will find a noticeable change in your pumples growth.
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Best Tips For long Eyelashes At Home Naturally
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Best Tips For long Eyelashes At Home Naturally
Eyelashes are a vital part of our eyes. They grow from the tips of the eyelids. Long eyelashes make our look attractive and charming. Here are top 8 tips.