ECS ladies Casual and Formal Winter Shoes Collection 2016-2017

ECS is well known name of footwear brand which is abbreviation of Ehsan Chappal Store, this name came in market in the year 1954 in famous bazar of Pakistan called “Anarkali”. In a very short span of time it became famous among its customers due to its durable, comfortable and stylish chpppals and pumps. Now, Ecs remains true with its name and its promise by its core providing extra value for money to the fourth generation of its valued clients. It not only produce chappals but also include a vast variety of clutches, handbags, footwear, shoulder bags in major cities of Pakistan.
  • After the hottest days of summer, a funky and cold weather is just its way. People are too much tired from sunny days of summer, so winter season always liked by average. With the change in season, everything got changed like dressing, shoes, and off course fashion trends. Ladies are just waiting for new collections and ready to kick out old cloths and wants to fresh their wardrobes with latest assortment. Footwear also very essential for us as dressing, so many brands every year launch their new products in market. Here is ECS ladies Casual and Formal Winter Shoes Collection 2016-2017 in stylish designs.
These are not only for women but also best for young girls like college going and university students. You can wear these as casual wear and for party wear also. Some items of this series are adorned in formal pattern. Colors include red, green, blue, off-white, black, maroon, silver, golden and many more. So have your glamorous look.
ECS Casual and Party Wear Footwear for Women

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ECS ladies Casual and Formal Winter Shoes Collection 2016-2017
Ecs is famous footwear brand of Pakistan, women love to wear shoes from this name. Now they have launched Winter 2016 collection for casual and party wear.
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