Embroidered Formal Party Wear Hijab With Abaya Designs Collection 2017-2018

Hijab is a word which means to cover your body in such way that you can represent your religion, you belongs to a Muslim family. The ladies having Hijab and abaya are treated with more respect then fashionable ladies in Islamic countries. In Islam, it is considered the first obligation of women to cover your head and body in order to save you from the evil eyes of society. It is the order by our holy Prophet (S.A.W). It does not means that it is necessary to have this, but it depicts the true beauty of women.
  • The trend of wearing Abaya is common in Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia, where every women carry as their casual dressing while going outside. Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Dubai, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are such countries that have so many variations while designing and stitching hijab and abaya’s. There were times when women used to wear only simple and plan abaya in black color, having collar or front on front side.
But now it is era of fashionista’s. Every women want to secure herself as well want to look stylish in her limits. That’s the reason we are discussing here about Embroidered Formal Party Wear Hijab With Abaya Designs Collection 2017-2018. You can have a complete guide when you have to go for party and don’t want to unwrap yourself, then you must have this exquisite collections in your wardrobes.
Fancy Lace Abaya Designs 2017 party wear Hijab and Abaya
Latest Fancy and Stylish Hijab Abaya Designs 2017-2018 Collection
  • For your daily routines and going outside, you can have simple abaya’s but when you have to attend any party or wedding ceremony you must have stylish party wear Abaya Collections. In Muslim countries like Pakistan and UAE, wearing is essential for ladies. It doesn’t means to wear abaya but also cover your head with hijab. For eventual functions, Hijabs are decorated with fancy pearls, laces and floral beads. While lower is also decorated with embroidered patches, laces and printed fabric. Dubai and Saudi Arabia is a state that have number of abaya designers that always brings new variety and modish styles.
In Pakistan ladies always complain that there is less variety in our country, in order to meet their requirements we ship these from Dubai, UAE. Gone are the days, when black was only trendy, now there are number of variations in designs as well as in colors too. You can have these in almost all colors in order to flaunt your parties and formal functions. There is also a trend of contrasting shades, like Abaya is in golden color then Hijab will be brown or black shade, will gives you more exquisite look. Here we have posted some images of designers Abaya’s. Have a sneak preview!
Fancy Gowns Collection

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Embroidered Formal Party Wear Hijab With Abaya Designs Collection 2017-2018
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Embroidered Formal Party Wear Hijab With Abaya Designs Collection 2017-2018
Hijab is dress, which prevent a women from evil eyes of society. Normally, it is used to wear in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE and Egypt etc.