Firdous Paris Linen Volume 1 Winter Collection 2016-2017 for Women


  • Everyone is waiting anxiously for winter after bearing hottest sunny days of summer, mostly people love this season because there is no sweating and don’t have to bear hotness in fall. As you know, fashion trends make everyone choosy about the comfort in dresses being at the top priority. This issue of dressing for seasons push the designers community to provide unique, elegant and fresh designs in styles and stuff best suitable for these coldly mornings, the light dipped sunny afternoons, and cold weathered nights. Now few famous designers and brands have launched their Winter collections like House of Ittehad and Kayseria. One of the designers brand launching fresh and unique assortment for this upcoming season is “Firdous”, famous for its lawn and distinctive design patterns.
Firdous Cloth Mills are the fabricators and producer of supreme lawn and fashion cloths in our country with experienced environment involving two generations in this art and designing of producing quality and fabulous printing. Weaving and Stitching, every step of creation the perfection in items is achieved by step wise quality needs fulfillment. Firdous Clothing house always produce chic and versatile collection of silk, Swiss lawn, chiffon, pure silk collections seizing the attraction of all ladies for single piece of assortment.firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-3 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-18 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-17 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-16 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-15 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-14 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-13 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-12 Latest Winter Collection by Firdous Mills firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-10 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-9 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-8 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-7 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-5 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-4 Firdous Cloth Mills Paris Linen Vol 1 Collection for Women 2016-2017 | 3 Piecefirdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-20
Fascinating the globe with latest fabulous and comfortable yet stylish outfits, Firdous lawn has launched winter collection 2016 with a worthwhile array of newly designed fresh dresses for women. Straight cut Shirts/ Kameez, Kurtis, Tunics ensemble with stunning cuts and exceptional designs. Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green, Cyan, Off-White, Black, Brown, Orange and many more others are contrasted and combined in prints, embroidered done of neckline and borders in linen stuff.
Dresses are Comprised of As:
Dress Length
Printed Linen Shirt 3 Meter
Printed Linen Shawl 2.5 Meter
Dyed Bottom 2.5 Meter
  • A special attractive factor in these outfits is its new and exclusive designing over the sleeves, neckline with contrasting prints and colors. These dresses are adorned with fabulous prints and patterns. Price range of these dresses is Price PKR 2200. Some of these are in dotted, zig-zig and botanical patterns. All these outfits are pictorially exhibited in the images. So have a look and grab your winter dress. For more updates visit StyloPlanet Fashion Magazine.
firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-22firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-21 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-33 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-32 Firdous Cloth Mills Winter Dresses firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-30 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-29 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-28 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-27 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-26 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-25 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-24 firdous-paris-linen-volume-1-winter-collection-2016-2017-for-women-23

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Firdous Paris Linen Volume 1 Winter Collection 2016-2017 for Women
Firdous Cloth Mills are the fabricators and producer of supreme lawn cloths in our country. They have launched Linen 2016 Collection for Women in new designs.