Indian Designers Latest Ghagra Choli Designs 2017-18 Collection

Fashion varies from season to season and era to era, in every region and country there is a big difference in fashion and style. But two countries which have various similarities whether its cultural and traditional values or any fashion wear. Fashion has its unique and distinctive form or prevailing in south Eastern part of Asia especially in Pakistan and India. Our traditions are reflected in various of clothing or customs exit in our society. Whenever you carry any traditional wear, then it means you have true sense of fashion and not only you carry any style but also promoting your culture and long forgotten fashion that are true assets of our region.

Whether you are wearing umbrella frocks with short or long length, or saree with long drapes or lehengas with heavy embroidered work or heavy flares, they all simply add glamour and elegance to an Indian women. India is country, in which saree with so many styles and cuts are worn not only as formal wear but also in casual routines. The women can easily carry these.

  • Ghagra Choli is also refined form of saree, as they have same style blouse on top and while ghagra is also kept similar. One can wear it without having dupatta, as it is part of Indian fashion. This apparel is considered as essential part among young girls as it is part of eastern attires especially for traditional wedding and events.
Ghagra Choli
Latest Formal Ghagra Choli Dresses Design 2017 for Indian and Pakistani Girls
  • Having roots from India, it is now becoming equally part of fashion across eastern countries. There are numerous western women, which also like to wear this stunning apparel on formal events. The difference is in designing and embroidered work, western women like dresses in soft colors which delicate embroidery. While in eastern world, there is a trend of heavily embellished dresses in dark and bright hues.
Ghagra Choli is preferred in weddings and parties as these are easy carry and gives fabulous look when light work choli’s are coupled with heavily embroidered ghagra. There are numerous stitching styles and cuts in this series in various combination fabric and hues. We have also gathered some fabulous designs of Latest Formal Ghagra Choli Dresses Design 2017 . If you can’t get any of choice and you are fashion lover then you can also design these itself. Just buy fabric and make beautiful combinations and contrasts.
Latest Party Wear Ghagra Choli Collection Indian Ghagra Choli Design

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Indian Designers Latest Ghagra Choli Designs 2017-18 Collection
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Indian Designers Latest Ghagra Choli Designs 2017-18 Collection
Ghagra Choli is part of eastern fashion, girls like to wear this apparel on weddings and parties. For weddings, pair lightly embellished choli with heavy ghagra.
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