Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection 2016 Vol -1 Complete Catalogue



Every year, every seasona and every event Junaid Jamshed bring something new, special and surprising when it comes to the line of clothing for men, women and kids. This brand came into existence over a couple of years ago in the year 2002 in Paksitan’s biggest city Karachi. And since that time it has been leaving quite trade mark on the textile industry of Pakistan and make refreshing their mark every year and season with its latest collections. Their launches of new lines in cloths and accessories every couple of weeks deeply reflects the correct designs and trends in the fashion industry.

Despite the owner being well known and loved celebrity in the country, this brand stand out small and initially it only deals with men’s wear, but with the passage of time, people appreciated and attracted by this brands work and products. Soon they expanded its categories of women, children and teens wear. They¬†have also set out into bridals and groom items last year.

J.J New Summer Dresses For Women 2016 Volume 1
  • In a very short span of time, this label expanded its fifty outlets stores in nationwide in different cities of Pakistan. When it comes to women’s wear they offered a wide variety of lawn (stitched and unstitched) collection, handwoven, Har Rand Apna (stitched and unstitched), jewelry, stoles, shoes etc.

Junaid Jamshed in not only modern in cloths but also a significant creator and provider of seasonal cloths with embroidery, modern cuts, digital prints, and machine prints that are just awesome. Today they have launched J.J New Summer Dresses For Women 2016-2017 Volume 1 according to this spring seanon, having an eye on valentines day with lots of embroidered work and simplicity.

All dresses in this catalog have vast range of apparels for casual, formal and semi-formal events. Here a picture gallery of all their latest collection is available with their prices. So be the first one to grab. Have a adorable summer!!

Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection 2016 Vol -1 Complete Catalogue
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Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection 2016 Vol -1 Complete Catalogue
Junaid Jamshed Summer 2016 Vol 1 Collection is eye-catching and appealing. All prints are mixed with stunning shades and embroidery for formal and casual wear.
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