Latest Beautiful Nose Ring Styles for Girls and Bridals 2018-2019

Nose piercing is as important as jhummar, tikka, earrings and necklace in a bridal look, wearing it means having a glam look on your big day. It is the custom which is not only followed among Asian brides like in India, Arabia and Pakistan, but also it is traditional wear among Western brides. The significance of wearing this differs from region to region. Usually, it is worn by brides on their barat day in Pakistani and Hindus custom. In some countries, it is considered as the symbol of married girl. It has various styles and shapes. On first day, brides have to wear little heavy ring but after getting married she can wear simple like one stud nose pin. In past few years, the trend of this was gone. But as history repeats itself, it became again trendy. So today, in our article we will discuss different styles and history of Nose Rings. Lets discuss about Latest Beautiful Nose Ring Styles for Girls and Bridals 2018-2019.
                                                History of Nose Piercing
  • The custom of nose piercing was originated from Mughal era in the 16th century. Brides of Mughals usually wear these, after this many Asian women use to wear this. Not only in Indian culture, middle east countries like America and African women also wear this on their wedding ceremonies. There is kind of difference in there style statements, western women choose simple and decent nosepins. While Asian women carry this matching with their jewelry and dresses. It is also said that wearing this lessen the pain delivery. In some regions, there are also some superstitions about this. 
Latest Styles and Types of Nose Piercing:
  • Septum Nose Piercing

    • High Nostril
    • Rhino or Vertical Tip
    • Septril
    • Nasallang
    • Earl pr Bridge Piercing
    • Double Nostril Piercing
Nose Piercing for Asian Wedding Brides
Waring nose ring on wedding day becomes an part to get a perfect look. As girls became keen about their wedding dress and footwear, choosing trendy nose ring also became big problem for them. Like in Pakistan, brides can have long chain studded with pearls and a simple ring on nose. While some have matching stones with their wedding dress. Indian brides usually opt heavy Maharashtra style. It is not necessary to wear such type of nose pin, you can also choose single stone or sing studded ring.
Nose Rings in Entertainment World
As you get latest fashion updates and style statements from media and television. Different celebrities and actresses showcase different styles of jewelry ornaments. Have you ever seen Ayeza Khan, Sajal Ali and Urwa Hoccane in Pakistani dramas serials, whereas ashweriya Rai and many more in Indian movies wearing nose rings, which exhibits Pakistan and Indian culture.
Ayeza Khan Jewelry
Girls Nose Ring Styles
As brides, girls usually don’t like to wear heavy studded and stoned large nostrils. There are many designs and varieties of single stud nose pins. You can have many varieties like small flower, rose style, colorful pearl fore nose piercing. Here we have showcased some amazing styles of nostrils for college and university going girls. Take a look at the images posted below.

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Latest Beautiful Nose Ring Styles for Girls and Bridals 2018-2019
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Latest Beautiful Nose Ring Styles for Girls and Bridals 2018-2019
Nose Ring have same importance as brides having have jummar, tikka and bangles etc. There are various styles and designs of nose pins in market for brides and girls.