Latest ECS Clutches & Handbags for Girls 2016

Latest ECS Clutches & Handbags

ecs shoes logoECS is Pakistan number one footwear brand, they are not only famous in Pakistan, but they gain much popularity in nationwide too. Its first outlet opened in 1954 in Anarkali bazaar Lahore and soon become communal for its questionable quality and designs. From that time they have been swiftly operating in the fields of exporting, aggregating, retailing, importing and trading. The ECs product line is not only limited to shoes, but also produce handbags, clutches and for kids.

  • So ladies, finally winter came and everyone is ready to buy new things like clothes, shoes and handbags and clutches too, matching with their dresses. Every woman always in seeking for handbags that are according to latest trends and styles. Many brands offer their latest collection of clutches and bags among these brands ECS also offered stylish and elegant collection for ladies. Here are Latest ECS Clutches & Handbags for Girls 2016 that are unique in designs and every women carry easily. Price range of this collection is PKR Rs. 1090/- to PKR RS. 2,250/-

ECS Best Clutches Designs For Ladies 2016
Hey ladies! Are you looking for a designer or top quality clutches with best styles, then you’re in luck. Original handbags were used to carry coins and were made with soft fabric. In later centuries, young girls were taught embroidery for marriage occasions only and these were made in simple designs, but a day they are crafted with leather and soft fabric and for formal occasions embellished with floral or embroidered patterns.
  • Formerly, trend of bags becomes popular in France and later on it crossed over into Britians. ECs designers have designed these with floral and botanic patterns, some of them are in silk and some are in leather fabric. price range of these are quite affordable for you guys that is PKR Rs. 790/- to PKR. 1,650/-.
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Latest ECS Clutches & Handbags for Girls 2016
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Latest ECS Clutches & Handbags for Girls 2016
Ladies are ready to grab new cloths, shoes and accessories with the arrival of winter, So ECS has offered latest handbags and clutches collection for ladies 2016