Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Collection 2016-2017

There are number of brands in Pakistan that are considered as the fashion symbols for stylish and trendy shoes, it is established in the year 1986. Metro Shoes is one of the most favorite brand of customers. It provides it clients a large variety of formal, casual, formal and seasonal collections with pretty matching handbags and clutches. Moreover, not only this men’s footwear series are also available. The brand has stayed ahead of all maintaining its good name in the fashion industry by offering sophistication with beauty and elegance. Even we look back in 2011, Metro achieved 24th annual achievement award for the best performance in retailers due to its high quality stuff. Not only footwear, garments, handbags, clutched and ever green jewelry including other series too.
This winter season Metro calls ladies, who prefer comfortable and flexible footwear to their latest collections of this season. Fabulous, beautiful and trendy designs are its key features. This article will gives you a complete view regarding Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Collection 2016-2017. Make your choice more adorable, fantastic and stylish by wearing this.
Decent Shoes, stylish pumps and sandals, bold high ankle boots, wedges, trendy long boots all are available at your nearest retail stores in all major cities of Pakistan. Women keep their style up to date with the eye-catching and stylish designs. So have a look at this glamorous series and make this winter more funky.

Women Winter Footwear Designs 2016
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    Latest Metro Shoes Latest Stylish Pumps Designs 2016-2017 for Women
    • The most awaited footwear of this fall season has always been pretty pumps and wedges with flat as well as in fancy wear, so metro has laid focus on this. Bringing our cool western designs that can go with pant, jeans, cardigans, jeans. These are suitable with darker and bold colors. Colors include in this series are red, pink, purple, off-white, silver, black, maroon, green, sky blue, blue, beige, brown, golden and black with stones and many more.
    Appealing delicate and comfortable pumps are always in demand irrespective of any season, whether its summer or fall/winter. As they are equally loved by young girls and women for any festive occasions, especially parties and weddings. Therefor, there is wide range of items in this series. Collection for men’s footwear is also available in all outlets. Price of this assortment is affordable for every class people. Have a look at this.metro-shoes-stylish-winter-footwear-collection-2016-2017-18
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Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Collection 2016-2017
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Metro Shoes Stylish Winter Footwear Collection 2016-2017
Metro is one of the oldest Pakistani footwear brand, always preferred by its customers. Here they have reviled its winter footwear collection for women 2016'17.