Motifz Exclusive Winter 3 piece Unstitch Dresses For Ladies 2015-2016


68574_514078545314984_274404835_nMotifz has made its name in the fashion industry over the past few years. They have been able to achieve so much because of their dependence on the quintessence and originality of art in its true form and they have successfully relocate exactly that when it came to creating something astonishing in clothing. They have willingly kept up the rapidly change in the fashion industry and all its trends by enabling themselves to emerge with time and by encourage and delivering the unique and innovative ideas in terms of aesthetics that got Them started at very first time. All their creation reflects a full fusion of thread and needle, colors.

Motifz caters to a sundry segment of society from the demands of community to those niches.They produce cloths which are well suited for every occasions, especially for formal and semi-formal and for casual also. In this winter this label throws its winter collection unstitch and stitch with linen and embroidered fabric.It is most famous because its digital prints and exclusive designs. The fact is, it provides a stunning collection for their customers and according to their needs.
This unstitch assortment consist of 3 piece Shirt Linen, Front, Back, Digital Printed Chiffon Dupatta, Sleeves, Linen Trouser. Motifz Exclusive Winter 3 piece unstitch Dresses For Ladies 2015-2016 available in its all retail stores andc olors in this assortment Skin, Teal, Rust, Sea Green, Mink, Com Green, Black, Dull-Peach,Off-white, Maroon, Navy-Blue that are very appealing and eye-catching. Price of these suits are PKR RS 5, 290/-.

Party Wear Winter Dresses By Motifz 2015-2016
Motifz take pride in their state for their digital, hand-made and machinery prints and they are getting highest success because they have hundreds of machines that facilitate 15 embroidery thread colors. Six digital printing machines that can produce sixteen million colors and more than hundred stitching machines with all its related equipment. so therefore, they are producing latest designs with different shades and colors.
  • In this winter they launched embroidered dresses for the sake of party wear, for those women who like to go to parties day and night. Sometimes girls don’t get dressed for formal and semi-formal occasions according to their choice, so Motifz is there to facilitate them with its elegant patterns.Here are some images of Party Wear Winter Dresses By Motifz 2015-2016 for women. Enjoy Parties!!

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