Pakistani Designers Bridal Wear Wedding Dresses Collection 2016-2017


Bridal Dresses have much importance as that big day itself have, so it requires time, efforts and tough work to find such apparel which perfectly looks best on you, it will gives you gorgeous and lovely look. Some people like to wear traditional theme while other wants more fresh and dark colors or pick unique combinations that work for them.
Wedding day can be hectic if you don’t know what to wear and what is now trendy. Some people spend most of their time in searching in markets designers dresses for Mehndi, Barat or Walima. This year, our Pakistani designers has inspired us by their latest Pakistani Designers Bridal Wear Wedding Dresses Collection 2016-2017. You can see that main theme of their apparels are silver and golden. These two shades are making dresses more fabulous and sparkling.

Designers Wedding Wear Gowns and Lehengas 2016 for Pakistani Brides
Now brides dresses are mostly comprised of lehenga choli inspired by Eastern and western tradition and golden era of subcontinent. Some designers prefer traditional red color while rest go for pastel and soft shades.
  • Wedding Mehndi dresses are usually in bright colors like yellow, green, brown, emerland green and orange yellow with heavily embellishment of embroidery and work of Gota. One other trend which is inspired by the Mughal era in early 70’s is large Nose ring and Matha Patti. Here we are with latest collection of Designers Bridal dresses for Pakistani brides. So scroll page and get one by one.

Nomi Ansari Wedding Bridal Dresses Collection 2016

Nomi Ansari, a most famous fashion and award winning designer and fashion artist, has magnificent and alluring bucket. He know it very well how to set trends and use magical and lively colors. His apparels are best for fancy events be it your dholki day or big day. He knows how to keep balance between dark and soft shades and follow their culture.
nomi-ansari-wedding-bridal-dresses-collection-2016-1 nomi-ansari-wedding-bridal-dresses-collection-2016 nomi-ansari-wedding-bridal-dresses-collection-2016-3 nomi-ansari-wedding-bridal-dresses-collection-2016-2

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Erum Khan Wedding Dresses for Brides 2016

Erum Khan full of inspiration and brilliant fashion designer which use lovely and floral patterns in cloths. The hues which are used in this assortment are tribute to spring season with beautiful gowns and lehengas. There are lots of gorgeous pearls and stones are used in this series with intricate thread work embroidery.
erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-1 erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-9 erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-8 erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-7 erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-6 Barat Day Dresses 2016 erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-4 erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-3 erum-khan-wedding-dresses-for-brides-2016-2

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Faraz Mannan Wedding Outfits ’16

Faraz Mannan happens to be the king of couture. This man needs no more introduction as they have already told about himself by their alluring and magnificent work. From bridal outfits to semi formal wear or weddings, he has give new meanings of fashion industry. This assortment happens to be the best one this year.
faraz-mannan-wedding-outfits-16-1 faraz-mannan-wedding-outfits-16-3 faraz-mannan-wedding-outfits-16-2 Ateliar Karma Wedding Wears Designs 2016
Ateliar Karma is all time famous for their love and passion for Red Bridal Wear. They follow trends and taste of their customers and know it what the decade says. As Red creates the Magic. This year they have come up with Formal dresses for Beautiful Bride’s Sisters.
ateliar-karma-wedding-wears-designs-2016-4 ateliar-karma-wedding-wears-designs-2016-3 ateliar-karma-wedding-wears-designs-2016-2 bridal dresses 2016
Elan Bridal Dresses Design Collection 2016
One more eminent name Elan has revieled its latest stunning collection in market with different and unique pastel shades which are beautifully contrasted and are adorned with majestic design. This line blends cultural and contemporary styles flawlessly together in fabulous colors.
elan-bridal-dresses-design-collection-2016-1 elan-bridal-dresses-design-collection-2016-4 elan-bridal-dresses-design-collection-2016-3 Designers Bridal dresses

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Diva’ni Pakistani Designer Bridal Wear 2016

Diva’ni Pakistan takes you in the golden world of India which makes you feel like queen. They have no revealed long ago era of majestic beauty with pure opulence and sheer class. They know it very well how to play with colors and embroidery. This 70’s beauty will inspires you to be the part of these.
divani-pakistani-designer-brdial-wear-2016-3 divani-pakistani-designer-brdial-wear-2016-2 divani-pakistani-designer-brdial-wear-2016-1 ateliar-karma-wedding-wears-designs-2016

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Latest Pakistani Wedding Wear Lehenga and Gown Style 2016’17
  • Pakistani expert designers never fails to compete with Eastern fashion because they individually come with unique and innovative designs. Nobody want Dull and Boring patterns so they are always there whenever you needs something new and trendy. So here is image gallery. Click any image to zoom!
latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-1 latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-10 latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-9 Designers Lehenga Collection latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-7 latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-6 latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-5 latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-4 latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-3 latest-pakistani-wedding-wear-lehenga-and-gown-style-201617-2

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Bridal dresses are much important for a bride girl, she plan it for many years and want latest and unique style for her. So here are images of designers dresses.