Simple and Easy Henna Designs For Beginners 2015-2016


mehndi designs for beginnersMehndi is also called henna, that is loved by every girl
in any country and this is one thing that all Asian women adore-not just because that it is an important part of our culture, but also because how stunning the mehndi design looks when we are decorated with it. The moment of happiness is when you put on it on your hands and on your feet, and sometimes on your hairs also then you wait for hours to dry it off and get it colored darker. 

The excitement is when you show it to all your cousins and friends, it’s just joyous! Some females these days opt henna designs on their hand by going to beauty parlors, but some girls grab an henna cone and do it themselves at home by own minds creativity. Mehndi along with haldi is known to be the two most luckiest elements of asian culture.
In all Asian functions, it is an important part of any occasion and it is being noticed that professional artists are treated with lots of care, honour and respect. Mehndi is actually a natural tint made from the stem and leaves of Henna tree. It is now being used in all countries as a natural dye and art of mehndi is spread in all over the word.

It is inherently best for your skin, but now a days there are henna cones with chemical flowing in the market which are injurious and harmful for your skin and cause many skin diseases. So you should try to use chemical free cones for henna designs. Today we are going to show you some Simple and Easy Deigns For Beginners 2015-1016. So you no need  to go any beauty parlor or any expert designer, you can choose any design for our gallery.

Stunning Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Before applying henna first off all make sure that this is skin friendly and don’t use it in combination of different harmful chemicals. Easiest and simple way for beginners is to make circles and try to make it more clean and beautiful. Make petals around circle like a flower and draw two or three small lines on previously maded circle in the middle of petals and fill the circles fully with henna.

Recommended mehandi designs 2016 from StyloPlanet. Please click on Image to zoom the design:

Now come toward your finger tips and make a small and fine half flower, it should looks like same as you have made in the middle of your palm. Repeat this step on remaining fingers. Beginners can make big flowers surrounded by small flower.
Keep in your mine, that you don’t necessarily need to fill every empty part of your hands or feet. If you opt this then sometimes it looks messy and clusterd. Instead of flowers you can also try leaves, which gives elagant look.
And you can try a combination of both leaves and flowers to for design. If you are not artistic kind, here are some pictures and video of Stunning Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners.

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