Top 10 Mehndi Designs and Types for Girls 2017

  • Mehndi is art which is applied on hands and feet whenever its a ceremonial event or any festive event, it is an essential part of South Asian culture and fashion. Henna is juts like a powder which is obtained by a plant leafs, grind it well then mix it in fresh water which is formed into a paste. Long ago, there was a fashion when women used to apply this paste on her hand as whole and on feet just for the sake of red color. But now as trends are getting changed there is miner change in applying mehndi, like designs and shapes. These fabulous designs are are created using circles and floral swirls. Traditionally, women are keen to decorate their hands and feet by applying different patterns. Now, its time to turn into style statement, many professional artists are serving in our community adorn the hands of divas in distinctive style.
Henna is also used as natural hair dye and it gives organish hue. With the advancement in time, many variations came in mehndi designs. These are floral, round tikki, peacock, bridal mehndi, tattoo and many more. Formerly, there was a time when only red color was considered as mehndi hue, but now some other colors are used to decorate hands and feet like orange, purple, yellow, maroon etc. The color obtained is usually depends upon the quality of dye and the time it has been remained on hands.
  • To have darker color, some people used to sugar paste or layer of lemon. Some people think, that the darker color reveals love of your husband and in-laws. So, whatever the era is, we are here with Top 10 Mehndi Designs and Types for Girls 2017.
Different Mehndi/Henna Designs & Types for Girls- Top 10
In this modern century, nobody can look perfect without having a perfect makeover and other necessary essentials. In Asian countries like Pakistan and India, Mehndi is considered as top ornament to adorn and enhance women’s beauty. As it reveals of happiness, peace of girl. There are not same designs for every event like weddings, eid and parties, as the event changes these designs are got variations. Like Bridal Mehndi is applied in thick and unique way on all over the arms and hands on front and back side, and on feet also. While if you are going to attend any wedding, then bail patti or floral pattern is required. If you have to attend any party, then round tikki, bangle or finger style is common. In face, we can say that it is the best ornament that works its best to boost the beauty of a women.
  • Our today’s article is going to gives you complete information about top 10 mehndi designs and also a guidance with posted pictures. Keep on scrolling, and have a sneak peak of this wonderful design.
1# Bail Patti Mehndi Design:
In this present age, the time is worthy and everyone is looking for money and have a very short time for personal ornaments. This back bail patti design is unique and decent, as well as for those girls whole love to henna on their hands in short time. This single line of adornment from forefinger to wrist giving a elegant look.Beautiful Bail Mehndi design
2# “Y” Shape Henna Design:
“Y” shape is another most beautiful style that you can make in less than 5 minutes. This is applied from back side of hand and a single row move towards any single finger. This finger root is ends by dividing the line into two rows and giving a shape of Y just like a wrist band.
3# Floral design:
The most elegant style can be created simply in no time. You can create these lovely and beautiful flowers of different sizes and shapes on all over the back side of hand or on palm. You can also start form bigger flower from one end of your arm and ends with smaller flowers in addition to leafs and petals.
4# Bangle Mehndi:
Girls usually like to wear bangles, bracelets and other accessories to decor themselves. And they visit markets to have matching jewelry. Now, bangle mehndi design is introduced to adorn arms and wrist to form a bracelet. You can start from one side of wrist and then ends it on other side, patterns in flowers and leafy style. While palm is fully adorned in floral style.
5# Round Tikki:
Gone are the days, when bridal love to decorate their full arms, hands and feet with henna. Now, usually bride girl apply round tikki on the back side of hand, and simple ornaments on fingers. This type is also applied for party functions.
6# Bridal Mehndi:
These designs are just awesome. To-be bride have a special charm in itself, they decor their hand and foot with beautiful creations of henna. In some cultures, the palms are decorated with pictures of bride and groom, also along with symbol of shenai and dhol. In some creations, full net style is also created on arms.
7# Peacock Henna Design:
The peacock style is just like a motif, it is mostly loved as it can be applied on any skin canvas and it is fitted in long or wide way. For palms you can create on full palm, while for arms you have to draw it in such style, that they cover whole arm above wrist.Peacock Mehndi Designs
8# Finger Style:
Girlies like to wear simple and decent things, whether its a mehndi. In this style, girls usually decorate their finger in impressive designs but creating round flowers, only petals and leafs with dotted borders.
9# Ring Mehndi Design:
It is created from the start of back hand side and then move towards forefinger or middle finger. On finger, mehndi is applied in round shade just to create a ring shape. In addition to it, if you will add some leafs with dots, it will be just fabulous look.Finger Mehndi Design
10# Glitter Mehndi:
It is the time when women use to think, that everything should be matching, whether its a footwear with dress or jewelry. If she is having a henna it should also match with her dress. To overcome this problem, glitter mehndi is introduced. It is available in market in different colors and shades like pink, green, blue, purple, red, golden, silver and many more. To have to just highlight with cone mehndi, then use glittery cone to fill inner space of highlights.

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Top 10 Mehndi Designs and Types for Girls 2017
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Top 10 Mehndi Designs and Types for Girls 2017
Henna is also used as natural hair dye and it gives organish hue. With the advancement it has many types like Round Tikki,Bridal, Ring and Floral Mehndi Designs etc.