Top 10 Spring/ Summer Nail Art Designs & colors 2016-2017


Top-10-Popular-Nail-Polish-Colors4The breeze of spring come along with the news of most dusty season summer, when it’s gone out there everyone want something new, cool and fresh. The same thing happened with out nail art and we ever like to carry different Sharp, fresh and funky colors needed to make this hot season more exciting. Our today’s article is about nail colors and trend for this summer. Below are newer and distinctive colors that you should must try.
Best Summer Nail Art Colors And Trend 2016- Top 10
Here we are going to share 10 nail paint designs for you people that will sharpen your minds and comes you to latest fashion trends.
Bold Red Perhaps craze for red crimson is gone to last ever, whether its color of lipstick or nail art, cold or hot its an amazing hue to carry forever.

Dusty Pastel Blue It is soft and pale blue color of nails that can be used in both bold metallic shade or matte finish. You guys can also used this in ombre designs.

Dusty Pastel Blue...STYLOPLANET.COM

Electric Lilac Switch from old neon shade to electric and this stunning art not only make your nails look past but also boosten your mood.

Electri lilac...
Subdued Sage It is most amazing shade that we should must try in this summer, wear any summer apparel you can carry this soft earthly tone.

Warm Mauve-y Plum This cool color looks perfect for refletion of weather transition. It is not too dark and nor too soft, it is quite perfect and lovely shade for all girls.

Warm Mauve-y
Milky Pink Pink is color of every season, whether it is summer of spring it never goes out of fashion. It is emblem of feminity. Therefor soft pink color looks perfect for your night out and day.

Milky Pink
Fabulous Brown Anyone can never get enough for this decent shade, it is ever elegant and stunning shade. The pretty matte color of brown will look great and surprising for summer.

Muted lavender-Gray It is mixture of pink and grey and full of light and warmtness for this hottest season.Use it with combination of vibrant shades of plum.Muted

Barbie Pink Margenta, raspberry and Fuschia shade of pink combinely look fabulous but the design of barbie pink is more trendy among all girls and best option for summers night and days.Barbie Chunky Multicolor Glitter This multicolor are hit of this season and these can try for night times and parties.Chunky Multicolor Pretty Periwinkle If you are searching for more refreshing and subtle, then prewinkle is best option. Fused it with other colors to make it more perfect.


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Top 10 Spring/ Summer Nail Art Designs & cuolors2016-2017
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Top 10 Spring/ Summer Nail Art Designs & cuolors2016-2017
Summer season came again.Now it's the perfect opportunity for you to flaunt your best summer nails with soft and vibrant shades and enjoy this dusty season.