Top 10 Winter Hair-Color & Shades For Women 2016-2017


The trend of dying hairs among ladies becoming a style statement from last few couples of years because it is good to change your hairs color and hairstyles to make your personality look different when you feel it is a perfect change. All celebrities are source of inspiration and when we talk about trends and fashion, as well one can opt any shade, as they possess the most of the latest trends.

Here we go with Top 10 Winter Hair-Color & Shades For Women 2016-2017 for this funky and stuffy season.
1# Strawberry Gold
A personality which has amazing strawberry gold shade is ” Emma Stone” With the glimpse deeper than summer; it is best for winter. Rich golden and ” Golden red” are the basic terms of this shade.


2# Honey Blonde
Beyonce is a perfect example of inspiration as she have honey blond hairs, this color fits when someone doesn’t like to have dark or too much bright shade.

top 1o winter hair color for women

3# Buttery Blonde
Most blondes want to change the feel in their color then you should must try a golden buttery hue. Also look for ” Light buttery shade” or “Honey Blonde” at home form box kits if you want stunning shade like Gigi Hadid’s.


4# Champagne- Y Red
Sexy Siren and Isla Fisher highly possess going for Champagne- by Red, as this is darker shade and changing color will not make extra and strange vibes. It looks like ” Copper” and ” Strawberry” touch.

Champagne- Y

5# Cinnamon- Y Strands
Bryce Dallas Howard is perfect example of this hair-color and is loved by all and vibrant deep red and fiery color is best for fall.

Cinnamon- Y Strands 2016

6# Medium Chocolate Brown
If you guys are burnette and searching for a subtle look, then this chocolate brown is best as Natalie Portman’s. If you have this at your home kits then nothing best more then this.

Medium Chocolate

7# Brown With Red Accents
All time favorite singer and beauty queen ” Lana Del Rey”, she is an inspiration in itself just like her hair-color. If you people have darker base, then you should go for part Aubrum ad part brown.

Brown With Red

8# Deepest Warm Brown
While we are speaking about metallic brown and want an extra darker touch, then we are going to have a look like ” Kendal Jenner”. To add more elegance, add instant subtle caramel highlights in that.

Deepest Warm

9# Cool Chestnut
You can mix up with your brunette look by adding a glimpse light darker with your blonde. Light Chestnut is like ” Jessica Alba’s shade that always give chic and perfect appearance. You can also choose ” medium brown with golden tone” from your home-box kits.


10# Bronde
The brand is a mixture of blond and brown shade. Chrissy Teigen is blissful because she have such pretty and the beautiful base color of hairs, if you have same like those then you can possess the same and add highlights to give them a perfect blend that will make you more gorgeous and graceful.

bronde winter hair color

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Top 10 Winter Hair-Color & Shades For Women 2016-2017
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Top 10 Winter Hair-Color & Shades For Women 2016-2017
You should change the tone of your hair color seasonally as hairs are beauty of women–in the same way you change your makeup & wardrobe, shoes and accessories.