Women Neckline/Gala Designs of Casual and Formal Suits for Asian Women

  • Ethnicity is the name of versatility, becomes the need of modern age when it comes to evergreen and fabulous outfits of females. Just like myriad names- Pakistani and Indian women have lots of variations in stitching and styling of dresses as they have different types of wear like for casual wear they require simplicity while for formal wear ethnicity is demanded. In fashion line, various cuts, designs and flares are opted.
Shalwar Kameez are also named as Kurtis, Tunics, Tops while bottoms are considered as shalwar. This kind of dressing keeps on changing with the modern trends and fashion sense, but the basics of these never goes out of fashion. Pakistani girls always like to tailor their dresses in different designs. As they opt various variations like neck deign, sleeveless style, silhouettes and long and short shirts according to your body shape.
Neckline plays vital role while you are going to designs your apparel, as they groom your personality look. You can gives your kameez bohemian, casual, formal or retro look. So here we are going to present you girls Women Neckline/Gala Designs For Casual and Formal Suits. These styles will helps you alot to designs your party wear dress in fabulous way.
Top 10 Gala/Neckline Designs Of Fancy Suits
1. Collared Neckline
This stunning style that can been stapled with Kurtas, frocks or long gowns has many variations. The collar can be narrow or wide if it is designs with Patti or slit. You can choose this kind of buttoned collar if you are blesses with a swan-neck as it have no front slit. But if you have small neck then you have to choose other styles.
2. Angrakha Neckline
Angrakha Style neckline is formed by overlapping one fabric strip to other. It has lots of variations to made this style more regal and chic. This one will be suitable with floor length Anarkali frocks, Umbrella frocks and cape style suits.
3. High Neckline With front Slit
Those who girls who don’t feel themselves in Chinese Collard style, they can try this one. As this have deepness with long slit. Most open styles shirts and gowns are designed with such front slit with any range of length.
4. Boat Neckline
Boat Neckline is become the trend these days, it is preferred by many women. This kind of gala was opted by middle aged women as they like to wear loose dressing, but nowadays, it becomes trendy among all girls. As you have noticed, party wear suits, lehenga cholis, Wedding dresses are designed with such kind of neckline. This is best style for those stylish ladies, who want or flaunt their shoulders. You can use some kind of plan or embellished laces on it.
5. Broad Round Neckline
The most worn and most classy neck shape, which can be opted on all kind of dressing whether its a causal wear or formal wear. Some girls are don’t like to reveal their body, they use narrow round shape. While those girls who are not afraid to show their neck skin, they can go for classy and versatility broad neckline. Such kind of design is opted for shalwar kameez suits and patiala suits.
6. Square Neckline Design
Just like broad and narrow round shape, it is another form of classic shapes. Apart from Tunics and Kurtas this will looks stunning on gowns, lehenga choli and saree blouses. They always have different variations like deep and broad rectangles. Some have trapezium and quadrangle shape.

7. V- Shaped Neckline

This neckline is in V-shaped cuts, can be in straight lines, curved or little rounded shape. Those women who have short neck, can try this. Those ladies have broad shoulders and heavy bursts can go for this flattering one. But if you have narrow shoulders or flat busts, the choose rounded V shape.
8. Stand Collar or Matka Style tapering Shaped
Those girls who like to wear rounded U or round neckline, can go for this matka style or with stand collar. This kind gala designs is best for those ladies whole love to wear deep gala’s or always want ban patti or collar on outfits. It will gives more fancier look when you designs it with beautiful lace tapering lower side.
9. Embroidered High Neckline
In this type, Neck and shoulder side is heavily embroidered while bottom side of frock or kameez kept simple. This will gives more fabulous look on flowy and heavy flared Anarkali, sleeveless gowns, shirts.
10. Double Layered V Neckline
As name indicates, double layered this is another style for jackets and gowns. It is a indo-western wear that is usually stitched with deep cut, where upper side kept with deep cut and inner side is stitched with narrow style to cover the bust area.
Stylish Neckline Designs For Girls


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Women Neckline/Gala Designs of Casual and Formal Suits for Asian Women
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Women Neckline/Gala Designs of Casual and Formal Suits for Asian Women
Neckline plays vital role while you are going to designs your apparel, as they groom your personality look. Neckline designs include Round,V, Boat Neckline etc.