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Can someone come up with such distinctive ideas coincidentally? Not really. It comes with an innate sense of aesthetics and the adequate amount of polishing. A blend of both comes in the shape of Ali Xeeshan. Holding an honors degree in couture from Pakistan School of Fashion Design, he has received a welcoming response from those who needed a change from one specific style of bridal wear. Encouraged by the thumbs-up sign that he has received from the Pakistani fashion industry at large, he has started putting his potential to use for wedding planning and choreography apart from fashion designing.
[/well] [list][li]Describing his design philosophy, he says, “I use conventional materials to create unorthodox aesthetics and a simple harmony between the traditional and the avant-garde.”[/li][/list] [well type=””]
Looking at his past success, the formula seems to work. After receiving an award for the best couture collection from PFDC while he was still a student, Ali Xeehan has never let anyone pull him back from reaching for the sky. His bridal range has been received with laurels for three consecutive years since 2010, at Pantene Bridal Couture Week Style 360 and PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week.
[/well] [row] [column lg=”6″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] His bridal range mostly circles around the ethnic background of Pakistanis. Farshi lehngas, heavy embellishment and use of antique accessories give the Ali Xeehan brides a Mughal and traditional look. The same style is used in his choreography and wedding planning. Apart from keeping brides happy by giving them elegance and grace in form of outfits, he has also taken a brave step into the field of wall art. His wall art not only grabs your attention but also encompasses the many reasons why wall art have had such an enormous impact on our lives.
[/column] [column lg=”6″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] Ali Xeeshan’s wall art always attracts people since day one. His wall arts are popular all over the big cities in Pakistan, and its popularity is increasing day by day as evidenced by its recent work in Karachi. The colors of Pakistan appear clearly in his bridal range, choreography and events that he manages. He presents Pakistan in an array of colors, elegance and a stature that our culture holds.
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