Best Round Tikki Mehndi Styles For Girls Hands 2016-2017


When we are going to apply henna or our hands, then so many designs assaults on our mind and we have so many options to choose from. If you are more creative and passioned about henna patterns, then more ideas will pop up in your head. From complex and extremely detailed ones, we have a wide collection of at our disposal. In the past decades, there was a widespread trend among all ladies to decorate their hands with deep styles and patterns. When patterns were more intricate, those were more loved. However, recent trends again shifted towards old and ancient patterns. We come again with circular tikki, this was one the most favorite in the ancient times and also in subcontinent.
Before, all girls used to mix henna in water in a bowl and let it rest for some time, to gain color for a while they used tooth picks and match sticks to apply mehndi from the bowl on their hands and feet. At the end, when it got dry, the color and the result was loved by all with different creative circular mehndi designs. Since, it has been very difficult to put different complex shapes on their hands, but they try enough to put one of those which they want.

Amazing & Popluar Circular Tikki Style Mehndi Designs
Nowadays, many girls also started using color mehndi along with tikki style, even though it was trendy in previous times and used with more elaborate ones. The most common color that is used are purple, green, orange, peach, silver, golden and blue etc. You can also find serious geometrical patterns used in these sketches. These may contain squares, small dots, diamonds, triangles, criss-cross, diagonal lines, dots and half circles to make our its shape more stylish and beautiful. Well the basic designs were small plain tikki in middle of palm, can be small or big. It was mostly filled from center, but some ladies add more patterns in the mid circle too.


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Best Round Tikki Mehndi Styles For Girls Hands 2016-2017
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Best Round Tikki Mehndi Styles For Girls Hands 2016-2017
Here is a fantastic collection of most beautiful round tikki mehndi designs. This article contains pictures of latest round Tikki Mehndi with floral patterns.