How to Do Steam Facial for Oily Skin At Home- Complete Tutorial


Steaming in very beneficial process that should be done once in a week, as you know our skin contains countless pores which leaves healthy effects and plays an important role in keeping our skin clean and neat, healthy and soft by lubricating and hydrating qualities. It is very necessary to keep pores away from chemical effects for healthy and natural glow, for this purpose we use natural stuff which is available easily, in our garden or in our kitchen. But we should the beneficent effects of vegetables, organic and fruit stuff. Steam facial is best for increasing blood flow, to repair dead cells and open clogged pores to fight against bacteria and make balanced complexion. Some steps of How to Do Steam Facial for Oily Skin At Home- Complete Tutorial are given below.
Green Tea Steam Facial:

  • Many herbs and Green Tea plays important role in our skin beauty. For this purpose, take a bowl and add some water in it. In this bowl add 1/4 cup of green tea leaves in boiling water or boiled. Now allow it to simmer, when its heat is bearable, lean upon it with a towel and core your head for 5-10 minutes and then splash face with cold water. Dry it with clean towel.
Lavender Steam Facial:
  • Lavender leaves are anti oxidant and gives good results if our your skin has acne problem. It will fight against germs and bacteria and leaves glowing complexion. For this sake, takes a boiled water and pour lavender leaves in it. When its heat is bearable lean with clean towel and cover your head for 5-7 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.
Chamomile Steam:
  • For this type of process, chamomile flowers are used. These flowers are dipped in boiled water and remains in it for 5-10 mins and when the face is cleaned with cleanser which have some oil. Now cover your head with towel and repeat this process for 5-10 minutes, then make splashes of cold water.
You will get the best result by no wasting money at home easily and get the best results.

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How to Do Steam Facial for Oily Skin At Home- Complete Tutorial
Women are always conscious about their beauty and skin care. Here are some steam facial steps and tutorial to gives your skin better glow without spending money.
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