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How To Do Skin Whitening Facial At Home Easily-Complete Tutorial

How To Do Skin Whitening Facial At Home Easily-Complete Tutorial
[list][li]Having a glowing and fairer skin is dream of every woman including me :), as our skin needs protection and extra care from them extremeness of weather, it is winter or summer we have to be prepared for every season and have facial skin. Getting this is best for our face and now there are numerous treatments are available in market and parlors for every skin tones. Even if you have dull or darker complexion it will helps you a lot to make color fair and glowing. As I have fair color but got dull due the change in weather in this sunny season and it was a tough time for me to bear this situation. I have tried many creams and treatments from parlor but can’t got enough results. As I know it very well how to massage and other steps, as these steps are available in most products description. [/li][/list] [well type=””]
If you think that you have spent your lots of time and money for this skin remedy and didn’t got positive result then you should surely try How To Do Skin Whitening Facial At Home Easily-Complete Tutorial as an expert. There are many beauty salon which are giving you these services but they demands lots of money.
[/well] First time when you do this procedure at home it will little bit difficult and time consuming, but within 2nd or 3rd time it will saves your time and gives you freshness and glow. So before moving towards tutorial we have lets discuss about Whitening Facial Products.
Best Products For Whitening Facial
  • SkinVita Whitening Products
  • HB-11 Whitening Facial Products
  • Blesso Whitening Facial Products
  • Hollywood Style Facial Whitening Products
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All these above brands have complete range of these essential items, when you select any brand item then next step is to discuss about thing which we have needed. The Things Which You Needed For Skin Whitening Facial
[/well] Headband                                                             Headband

A small Towel                                                            A small Towel

Bowl for Facial                                                            A bowl of water

Sponge                                                                 Sponge

Black head remover applicator                                                Black head remover applicator

Steamer                                                        Steamer (optional)

Cotton for Facial

Cleansing milk                                                         Cleansing milk

Beauty cream                                                          Beauty cream

Scrub                                                                Scrub

Mask                                                                Mask

Toner                                                        Toner or astringent

Before going to start procedure wash your hands and tie your hairs with headband and cover your all hairs.

Put towel around your neck and shoulders to prevent from material dipping on your cloths.
[panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Step 1: Cleansing
[/panel-header] [panel-content] First step is to clean your face from dust, oil and dirt, for this process apply cleansing milk on your neck and face, now massage it properly from neck to outside for round about 5 minutes, then rinse it with water with the help of sponge.Cleansing [/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Step 2: Massage
[/panel-header] [panel-content] After cleansing your are ready for face massage, best massage will gives to your skin relief and increases blood circulation which decrease pigmentation and wrinkles complexion and makes your skin younger and fresh. If any of you have dry skin tone then I will suggest you to select intensive moisturizing cream, for oily use whitening herbal massage and for sensitivity use whitening facial massage cream. Apply this process up to 5 minutes.Massage1 [/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Step 3: Apply Scrub
[/panel-header] [panel-content] After massage now use scrub, it is best to use apricot scrub for normal skin and if you have acne problem then apply St. Leaves Naturally Clear scrub suitable for you. Keep in mind don’t use it on all over your face wet your hands and start procedure from neck to forehead.Apply Scrub [/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Step 4: Remove Black Heads
[/panel-header] [panel-content] If you have black heads then remove it by getting steam. Sometimes after massaging and cleansing black heads becomes easy to remove without steam. Steam is best in winter season not in summer as it can could be harmful. For this process you can also take deep cleansing nose strip.Remove Black Heads [/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] step 5: Apply Mask
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Now clean your face with sponge of water and apply mask. Most women prefer to used mud masks but these are in some cases create irritation for sensitive skin. So it’s best to use peel of masks. For oily skins Lemon peel mask, Blesso Whitening peel mask is better for sensitive skin and Hollywood Style Whitening mud mask is best for all types. Now gently rub it and don’t use water or sponge.Apply Mask [/panel-content] [/panel] [panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Step 6: Toner
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Final step is to apply astringent or toner, Hollywood style softening glycerin toner and L’Oreal Paris white perfect whitening and moisturizing toner gives best result. For dry skin it is better to select Hollywood style extreme dry skin toner.Apply Toner [/panel-content] [/panel]

Note: Don’t go in front of fire or heat after facial for 3 to 4 hours.
[panel style=”panel-default”] [panel-header] Final Step
[/panel-header] [panel-content] Move your fingers on your face as shown in this image for completing this process and do this for 5-8 minutes for good result.Final Step Massage [/panel-content] [/panel]

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How To Do Skin Whitening Facial At Home Easily-Complete Tutorial
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