How To Grow Hairs With Argan Oil-Tutorial


Hairstyle always plays an vital role in one’s personality, whether she/he belongs to male or female class. It enhance the beauty and gives real charm and prettiness. When their is any event or casual routine, girls want to have best hairstyle and cut. If a girl have perfect apparel and footwear but don’t have long hairs or short in length, totally spoil overall look. There are plenty of ladies, who are tensed about their hair-fall and growth. Girls usually apply many products or oils to make them healthy or longer. Beware, of oil sellers which can damage the scalps other than their promises.

So our today’s article is about How To Grow Hairs With Argan Oil-Tutorial to help you guys to get rid of difficult situation named as “Argan Oil”. This contains lots of essential materials and antioxidant that makes these healthy and strong enough and silky also. Now important point is that how to apply it to get best results. So just scroll down page.

Best Ways To Grow Your Hairs Faster With Argan Oil-Step by Step
1. Heat up Argan Oil:
Before applying, make oil lukewarm it should be able to use. Now massage it in hairs scalps. Do this process for 5 to 7 minutes. When it reaches up to roots then leave it for three to four hours or for whole night and wash it next hair. Do this for twice a week to get silky and long hairs.
Hair Grow with Argon Oil

Hairs Massage

2. Use Oil with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter
Take a bowl, add 2 table spoons of Shea butter, argan oil and coconut oil. Now, mix it well and use it. Now leave it for at least three hours. You can make beautiful hairdo after their growth.
Coconut Oil and Argan Oil for Hair Growth


3. Mix Lemon Juice, Argan Oil and Egg Yolk
You can use Argan oil with lemon juice and yolk. To get long length, take two tsp’s of lemon juice and oil and one yolk. Now make its paste and apply on scalps for few hours. Then wash it with mild shampoo.

4. Mix Vitamin E & Argan Oil
To make your locks silky and smoother then best thing is to apply Vitamin E and Argon oil in combined form. After one hour you can wash it off. So here we have shared best ways to make your locks healthy and fresh. 

5. Aloe Vera Gel and Argan Oil
If you have Aloe Vera at home, then take small quantity of aloe vera gel and oil. This combination can gives a best follicles effect to hairs. Use this procedure at least three times a week to get best results.For more updates about fashion visit StyloPlanet Fashion Magazine.   

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How To Grow Hairs With Argan Oil-Tutorial
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How To Grow Hairs With Argan Oil-Tutorial
Girls always conscious about their beauty and hairs. Hairs play vital role in one's personality. So here we are with steps how to grow hairs naturally at home.