Latest Best Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips & Ideas With Complete Guideline

Weddings are full of functions and celebration like mayon, mehndi, barat and walima. In all these functions, bride becomes the reason of attraction for people who gathered there to attend this marriage ceremony. Pakistani brides have so many looks for each desirable events like for mehndi she have to do soft makeup while for barat event she have to apply bold and darkish shades. But above all, Arabic makeup is all about dramatic eyes, subtle lips and shimmery shiny eyes. You have noticed that Arabian bridals looks more pretty with their dark shades and shimmery eyes. It will be right to say that the eyes dramatically outlined, paired with shimmery and shiny cheekbones and soft lips.
  • Usually Arabic bridals use sliver, black, golden, blue and darkish green shades. Brides makeup is not only concerned with one day event, It contains three days package with full of preparations. Arabic women have bigger eyes and that know how to make their look more luscious, alluring and beautiful. Arabic makeup eyes contains usually two shades which you have to blend. Thicker eyeliner is paired with bold and darker shades like golden, pink, red, green, purple. To add more glamour to your look, use eyelashes. Celebrities usually with smokey makeup and Arabic eyes looks more stunner then ever. Here we have complete guideline of Latest Best Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips & Ideas With Complete Tutorial. For all this complete look you need right tools.

Arabic Bridal Makeup Tutorial Step by Step With Pictures
  • The following eye makeup tips are for Arabian brides but now this is become trendy among all Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Girls usually use to wear smokey eye makeover for night time hangouts and parties. If you have a dark circles under your eyes then hide it powder or foundation, then start with basic steps. So lets discuss about complete steps how to apply Arabic Makeup.
Step#1. Hide Dark Circles:
The very first step is to hide your dark circles under your eyes. To have best look use best quality concealer or foundation over the eyes. Once you have done with corrector as it will cover all the patchiness.
Hide Dark Circles Step #2. Use Primer:
The second step is to make it sure that your skin is properly cleared. Use primer on your face is such way that it lasts for long time. Once you have applied a primer, then use some kind of foundation or concealer on your face, also hide eye bags.
Step #3. Apply Matte Eye shadow:
Once you done with your concealer and blending, use matte eye shadow that is most important part of Arabian bridals look. You need to have proper brush, you can also apply dark kohl inside the eyes. Lakme Kohl pencil can be the best for this. Use flat brush to get more alluring look.
Step #4. Light Eyeshadow:
Now it’s time to apply lighter eye shadow, such as silver, golden and pearl etc. Apply it on the inner sides of your eyes to make more dramatic look. Then use silver or golden shimmer on the center of your eyelids.
Step#5. Use Thicker Eyeliner:
Dark Kohl or kajol adds a thicker line on the upper and lower lash lines. To achieve maximum intensity you can use a liquid liner. You can apply in various styles like winged or cat-eye. Give it a finishing touch with artificial lashes and apply coats of mascara.
Step #6 Apply Highlighter on Brow Bones:
Give finishing touch to your eyes by applying highlighter along with brow bones and under eyes. Now blend your eye-shadow well in order to remove your harsh lines.
Step #7 Use Highlighter on Cheek Bone:
Now its time to work on cheeks. Apply such kind of highlighter on your cheekbones. for day time event, you can apply soft pink blush on and blend it properly. But for night time function you can use brown or little darker blush on. You can also use matte blush to give more natural and subtle look but you can also use shimmery.
Apply highlighter on Cheek Bones Step #8 Soft Lipstick:
Now its time to finish your bridal look by apply soft shade lipstick like baby pink, peachy or blushy shade. To get more cleansing touch use concealer on your lips. Once you have done with it, add a bit of gloss if you dont like pastel lips. Here you are done with your Arabic Bridal Makeup.

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Latest Best Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips & Ideas With Complete Guideline
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Latest Best Arabic Bridal Makeup Tips & Ideas With Complete Guideline
Just Like Asian Bridals, arabic bridals are also too conscious about their wedding makeover and look. They use to wear heavy eye dress with stunning smokey eye makeup as shown in the images posted in this article.