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5 Steps To Make Your Nose Look Thinner With Makeup

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Feeling concerned about the shape of your nose is a usual problem that may seem impossible to get rid off. Many people do surgery to make it smaller or thinner permanently, but it is very expensive way.

[list] [li]Some have big lips, small eyes while others have big and round nostril. This is where makeup plays an important role to make muzzle smaller. There are some other tricks or tips to assemble your nose look thinner. So, you should have confidence in yourself. So here are 5 steps to make your nose look thinner with make up[/li][/list]

What you’ll Need

contour powder

Contour Powder

[well type=””]
Contour Powder you can use foundation that is 2,3 shades darker than your skin or any product that is specially used for contouring.



[well type=””]
Usually prefer matte highlighter to contour the nose. An off white eye shadow can work as well. Try 2-3 shades lighter than your skintone.

angled brushAngled Brush

[well type=””]
An angled brush works for shaping the muzzles.


Fluffy Blending Brush

[well type=”well-sm”]
This is used for blending your contour. Usually sponge work better for soften lines then a brush.

How To Slim a Wide Nose:

[label type=”label-default”]
1 #: Apply Fundation

Apply foundation before or after your contour is totally your personal preference. Usually the best way is to apply foundation from top to bottom of your muzzle, but I’ll giver preference to apply before all steps.


[label type=”label-default”]
1 #: Pick the Right Shade

When you use a powder or cream to contour the areas around your nostril, then you need to choose powder that is 1-2 shades darker than your normal foundation. This will help to create its look darker and your nose to appear smaller and thicker. You can use foundation or bronzer.



[label type=”label-default”]
1 #: Apply Contour Powder Or Cream

3rd step to make your muzzles thinner is to apply contouring powder or cream. Dip angled brush in contour powder or  cream and draw line across your muzzle and this light should be visible but not too dark. If your nose is wide, carry your line to the bottom or to bridge of your muzzle.


[label type=”label-default”]
1 #: Apply Highlighter

With the help of highlighter brush make darker shadows on the edge of your muzzles. Draw a line in the center of your snoot starting between of eyebrows and ends at the tip of the muzzle and highlight it with darker shadow. You can also use concealer, liquid or lighter powder.


[label type=”label-default”]
1 #:Blend the Contour Lines

Take a brush or sponge and gently blend edges or corner of your contoured lines on all areas of your nose. you need to make sure line looks well blended and natural and make sure you didn’ t forget to blend any spot.

Blend the lines..

you will get a perfect look of thinner nose without spending money on plastic surgery just with simple steps.using makeup you can fully change your look and make yourself more attractive then real.




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