Latest Glitter Mehndi Designs For Girls 2016


Mehndi is a sign of feminism and elegance which is common in all parts of the world, but now a days it has become fashion and most liked since log ago. It is also known as henna. It is one of the most favorite thing which is liked by every women and preparation of every event is considered incomplete without it, so that’s why they are very conscious about this ever. It is the symbol of beauty and gracefulness for any girl and it is laid down on our hands, feet and arm and on our hairs too.
In past, patterns was not too much refined, girls make mehndi at their home and paste it whole just for the sake of color, but now a days, the patterns become more subtle and stylish, any put on every occasion. Now they have divergent patterns like Indian, Pakistani and Arabian. Arabian designs are thick, that are laid with the winder nozzle of henna cone, while on the other hand Indian designs are finer and cleaner and need more hard work and craftsmanship. In Pakistan, designs that are liked are a combination of both Arbaian and Indian patterns for more elegance and a different look.
These are the only creation of man’s mind and they can be made unique from everyone and can be copied from any design book. It is mostly used to decorate bride’s hands, arms and feet at give her a an extra stunning look and made her big most charming. Different Mehndi designers and professional have made different and Latest Glitter Mehndi Designs For Girls 2016, that are just fabulous and of different floral creation. They are very liked by every woman.
Amazing & Best Gillter Henna Designs For Women 2016
Mostly girls like brown henna for casual use and they put it on their hands with elegant patterns and creation, but our bridal, now glitter Mehndi is available with stunning colors in the market. These glitter are different in colors and can be used with matching dresses. So one can can choose with colors according to different patterns and dresses on every occasion and events.
Trend setters have given Amazing & Best Gillter Henna Designs For Women 2016 for the sake of additional charm and elegance to hands, arms and feet. Parlors and saloon now a days mostly using these gilltring styles of henna. It can be used with brown color to give extra grace. In mostly designs small rhinestones are also added.
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Latest Glitter Mehndi Designs For Girls 2016
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Latest Glitter Mehndi Designs For Girls 2016
Glitter mehndi designs are rather a new practice which is getting most popular and trendy these days. Here are some images of Best glitter mehndi designs.