Nimsay Spring Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-17 for Women

Summer is going back, and still charm of season at its peak with fresh, lively and bright colors and the most favorite item of women cloths are adorned with lovely designs. It is the season of lawn and cotton and everyone is exited for newest collection. Many designers have launched their latest assortments in market and stores and all are available at their leading retail stores. All items are full of stylish and attractive dresses and this thing makes ladies little confused that what should they and what should leave? We are here to solve it through our blog by giving you a glimpse of selective articles from brands and designers wear. And now we have brought one of them here in this article too, that is very famous name of fashion industry “Nimsay”. This brand is considered one of the most poplar name in Pakistan fashion industry.
The main product series are Nimsay Casual Wear, formal wear and party wear. They have recently launched Nimsay Spring Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-17 for Women. Not an old name, it has made its name in very short span of time and have attracted many visitors when it entered its feet in market.
These are fir for casual and model wear. This collection is also adorned with fabulous embroidery and digital prints on qualitative fabric. You can grab any piece for you whether you have to wear it for casual or for party. The dresses are adorned with intricate embroidered work on neckline, sleeves, borders and motifs are also put on these attires. Color mixture is used in this assortment with great care and according to the taste of their beloved customers.
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  • See a number of images regarding Nimsay current 2016 collection. Simple have a look at this bucket in the images below, you can also visit their official website to get apparel at your door steps or grab it from your nearest outlet in your city. For more updates keep visiting StyloPlanet fashion portal.
Nimsay Regalia Summer Embroidered Collection Image Gallery
nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-23 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-34 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-33 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-32 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-31 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-30 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-29 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-28 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-27 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-26 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-25 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-24 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-22 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-21 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-20 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-19 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-18 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-17 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-16 nimsay-spring-summer-lawn-dresses-collection-2016-17-for-women-15

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Nimsay Spring Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-17 for Women
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Nimsay Spring Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2016-17 for Women
Nimsay Regalia Spring summer collection available at all its retail stores, all dresses are adorned with digital prints and embroidered work as shown in images.