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Nimsay Pret Winter Wear Collection 2015-2016

Nimsay Pret Winter Wear Collection 2015-2016

logo-350x85Despite being necessity a brand new name traditionally in Pakistan, Nimsay has established itself in market very well in short span of time. They provide vast variety of elegant designs and patterns in printed and embroidered stuff for women for both formal and semi-formal events and occasions. They are well known due to their Parsa, Aura, Ready-to-Wear,Digital prints, Embroidered classic and Verve and stand alone with other fabrics which in their stock for their customers. Keeping a change in wardrobe by women become a trend and Nimsay made it easy to change easily.
[list][li]If you want to look gorgeous and marvelous in no time, then Nimsay will definitely be on your list of choices given by them. Nimsay Pret Winter Wear Collection 2015-2016 is packed with latest trends and designs which you want to get into your hands with effortlessly. It has everything from digital prints to handmade embroidery to traditional dresses.These eye-catching and most appealing winter assortment are inspired by latest trends and requirements of their customers. Every print of their collection is adorned with embroidery and artistic work.[/li] [well type=””][li]
In their Pret winter collection 2 piece suits are available which are embroidered that you can wear in casual routine and for other occasions also. Colors in this collection are dark and cozy that attract every lady to get. Price range of this catalog is from PKR Rs.2, 900/- to PKR Rs.12, 000/-[/li]

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                  Nimsay Chic Fall Winter Dresses for ladies 2015-2016
                                                 [/well] [row] [column lg=”6″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]Nimsay latest collection of this season is available on its all stores in nationwide. But if you want to get any of their prints then hurry up and get your hands with Nimsay beautiful prints before they run out of stock. You have also facility to buy clothes at your door steps by ordering online from their website, which contains all information about their latest collections. The product which it offers is in line’s which is no different when it comes to trend. Nimsay has become popular and most demanding brands among women of this era. This assortment consists of Ready To Wear, unstitch two piece and 3 piece suits.
[/column] [column lg=”6″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] The creativity of their designs and patterns is reflected in their latest assortment of
stunning quality prints and embroidery work. Only from 7 years, they prove itself a leading brand among others because of their productivity and decent collection. They never fail to make the difference between new and old one, This new assortmnet includes new cuts and styles. In Nimsay Chic Fall Winter Dresses for ladies 2015-2016 it provides cambric Collection which is very demanding among ladies of Pakistan. [/column] [/row] [list][li]In this collection 03 Piece Suit:
Embroidered Panel, Printed Back and Sleeves, Printed Chiffon Dupatta and Plain Cambric Trouser. price range is quite affordable for all. Here are some images of this collection.[/li][/list] [well type=””]





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