Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Girls Step By Step


Smokey eyes makeup have always been a part of fashion which never runs out, it gives more charming look in night time then day, but mostly people opt this fashion even at indoor functions of the daytime. This makeup is all about prominent and bold eyes. This Smokey makeup is perfect for parties or weddings. So here we gonna discuss Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Girls Step By Step, through which you can make flawless and perfect smokey makeup.
Step 1# Start With Primer
Smokey look of eyes with smear and lines not gives perfect look, so the important thing is to apply primer for all smokey looks. So get started with primer around and on the area.Get Started With primer Use Primer 2
Step 2 # Apply Concealer
Of Course, no one wants to make dark circles around eyes more prominent with smokey makeover. So for this condition, use concealer to hide it properly. Apply it properly on lower and upper sides of eyes of the eyes with fingers that will gives perfect blends in sensitive areas. Now apply compact powder to give it finishing look.d1fa7b84-MEDIUM-24345307.jpg Apply Concealer
Step 3 # Apply Darker Shadow
After applying base of your eyes, now apply dark shades like black or any other to the outer corner of the eyes and then blend it perfectly. It is necessary to use brown or black shades, you can also choose other eye shadow colors in this makeup as well.How to Aplly Darker shadow Apply Darker Shadow
Step 4 # Smudging & Blending
Proper blending is also a part of perfect smokey makeover. So for this use smudging brush, it will helps you to smudge the shades properly, and don’t leave dark circles. You can also used two or three colors instead only one.Smudging & Blending Smudging & Blending 2
Step 5 # Apply Liner
Now you have done all color applications, add any best style of eyeliner like ” The Cat Eyes” or the “Retro Shape”. It is always preferred to use black liner instead any other color or liquid, so for best result use cake-liner. You can also use pencil as alternate of liner. If you want more glamorous look use shimmery eyeliner.Apply liner 2 Apply Liner
Step 6 # Use Highlighter
If you don’t want darker look select soft and pastel highlighter on brow bones. It is enhance your beauty.Use Highlighter 2 Use Highlighter
Step 7 # Use Kajal
The lower sides of your eyes will not be the compliment the outer area if the left side is ignored. So for finishing look, apply Kajal or Colossal Pencil for crating a perfect look.Add Kajal Use Kajal 2
Step 8 # Add Mascara and Create Curls
The last stage is to to curl your lashes by using lash curler and then apply little coat of mascara so your eyelashes gives bigger look and also gives perfect appearance for this kind of heavy makeup.Add Mascara and Create Curls how to add mascara

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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Girls Step By Step
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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Girls Step By Step
Smokey eyes makeup have always been a part of fashion which is always loved by girls, so here we are with Top 8 Smokey Eye Makeup Tips and tricks for Girls 2016.