Stuninng Christmas Nail Art Designs For Girls

One of the best ways to reveal holidays spirit is “Xmas Nail Art” because Christmas is getting nearer and nearer so ladies require a remarkable manicure to modernize their nails. When we see calendar, we continue to turn over the month we prefer to make pleasurable. As the holidays are not so far, the festivities and preparations for Xmas always start from very earlier to time. Is not fascinating to hang with Saint Nicholas (known as Santa Claus) to receive gifts on this special event through the evening hours or late night? Yup! Of course it is thrilling!
Fresh & Lovely Nail Art Designs Tutorial Examples 2015
Some great features of Christmas are celebrating cocktail and luncheons where we observe
those persons whom we haven’t seen before. This occasion is the ideal period to modify
yourself. Here are Fresh & Lovely Nail Art Designs Tutorial Examples 2015. Have a look.

Red & Green Glitter

You don’t have a need to become apparent with red and green color, so some glitter flakes on beige or white could give a perfect look touch in manicure.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (9)_Fotor_Collage

Candy Cane
Candy canes are received and given in hand to hand to in Christmas event, so for the base color used two coats of butter London West End Wonderland, and use white and red Liquitex Acrylic paint to create candy cane art.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (10)_Fotor_Collage

Frosty Snowman
It looks amazing and lovely, if you don’t have any superfine brush to create it, just use a
toothpick or any bobby pin.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (11)_Fotor_Collage

Santa and Rudolph
Both of these together make adorable look, but if you find to make it difficult then you
can paint one at a time.

Winter nail art for christmas

Simplest Tree
It is for those who like to make clean lines, can go on these metallic trees. If you have a
handy tape, then you can pull it off off easily. I suggest using cello tape instead of
painters tape.


Realistic Tree
This tree design is easy to create by two thin stripes and now you are good to go. Then you can adorn your nails in a best way.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (17)_Fotor_Collage

Winter Season Snowfall
It can be made with a combination of simple navy blue or royal blue colors and glittery
silver color.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (19)_Fotor_Collage

Christmas Puddings
Straight out of medieval England and these pudding nail arts will give an astonishing look
and are very easy to draw.


Hat of Santa
Santa’s red hat in your hand a are just stunning. Firstly, make a base coat, then on one
side paste red color and some drops of silver color in such a way as are in the above

Christmas nail art for Santa's hat

Stunning sparkle
This nude glitter is perfect for subtle sophistication over the more fanciful approach.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (22)_Fotor_Collage

Christmas ELF
It’s look that’s very trendy of Santa and Rudolphe but the creation of the elves were very
popular and familiar among North pole States.


Present with a Gift
Gift nail art is very adorable and according to Christmas event because people exchange
among each other so nail art with this design will give a very touchy look.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (3)_Fotor_Collage

Water Marbel
Every girl like water marbling, so for this practice paste few drops of polish in the water
and make different zif-zag and other patterns in a bowl, then paste it on your nails and
wait for 1 minute to dry out.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (33)_Fotor_Collage

Snow Flakes
These snowflakes are just adorable for Christmas event, by putting any base color, but
should try it doesn’t have any traditional color. It will give a stunning look when you
will paste it on black nails.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (31)_Fotor_Collage

Abstract Tree
It is quite simple and relate to previous made trees, just pick a thin tape cut off into
layers and paste it on fingers then make different designs.


Alternate French Mani
Apply French Manicure concept, but remember one thing use only Christmas colors and make it more interesting for others.

Charistmas Winter Nail art designs (27)_Fotor_Collage

Penguin Art
For penguin look, coat with black color and then paste white color as shown above and make nose and eyes.


Green, Red and Golden
The combination of these colors is just awesome, so try these steps out.


Mix & Match
Use different colors and make different patterns and designs that not relate to previous
designs on all nails.

Winter nail art on ocassion of christmas

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