Top 10 Asian Girls Frock Styles and Types Collection 2018-2019

Unique and elegant dressing is always being girls first priority and among these frocks have turned a apparel into an incredible image. This type of apparel is much popular among Asian ladies like Pakistan and Indian. It is like an outfit which is sewn like wear. Whenever women have to attend an event or party they becomes conscious about what they should wear and what kind of apparel will be suitable for that event. They always such type of dressing that becomes the reason of attraction and makes them able to stand out in crowd and that can be Frock.
  • Women are the beautiful creature of God that are immensely blessed with innocence and beauty. They always love to wear beautiful dresses with matching accessories to enhance their elegance. Asian culture is seems to be inadequate without perfect dressing and they are viewed as stunning image of mold and styles. There was a time when women thing a lot about designing and stitch style. But there are kind of variety available in market, whether you want a party wear or casual wear.
Frocks are quite different in stitching from simple shalwar kameez. They have wide ghair adorned with number of laces and patches. Some of these are kali style. Heavy embroidery on lower side of frock makes it more adorable. They like wise accompany gold strung ad diammnantes work. Latest style of frocks that are considered to much popular and alluring are angrakha style, peplum and Maxi style etc.
Latest Styles of Frocks for Pakistani an Indian Girls 2018
  • Frocks is an outfit that is now common for every kind of event. if you are going to attend any wedding function then you will find lots of designs in this. Likewise, there could be heavy embroidery on lower side while upper side kept simple. Or Heavily embellished neckline and sleeves with simple and elegant flared gher. Pakistani and Indian stylists are always considered are at the top page while designing frock. The fashion sense is almost same in both countries except few thing. We have gathered Latest Styles of Frocks for Pakistani an Indian Girls 2018 to give you girls the best ideas for this upcoming eid event or wedding. As you know, it is the month of weddings as well as Eid. So blessing are all around. So go and designs you own favorite style.

Maxi Style Frocks Collection                         Beautiful Peplum Tops Collection

Jacket Style Anarkali Frocks                         Latest Angrakha Frocks Designs

Stylish Tail gowns or Frocks

1. Umbrella frocks
Umbrella frock are main style that gives stylists and designers further ideas to make more varieties. This type of frock is equally embellished from front and back. Designers of Pakistani and Indian fashion industry are working hard to maintain the heritage of countries.The borders are adorned with fancy laces, patches and banarsi pattie in different contrasting shades like with blue fabric it is use in pink or off white shade. While their bottom (ghaira) kept in wide range giving a shape of umbrella.
2. Peplum Style Frocks
Peplum or short frocks are now fashion these days. A vast range of stitching styles are in you can make it a shot tail frock or add belt at waist to make it more stylish and elegant. Girls of al ages love this apparel as it can equally glamorous look when it is paired with bell bottom trouser, cigarette pant, sharara or boot-cut pent. Almost every brand is showcasing their seasonal collections having peplum frocks.
3. Anarkali Frocks Designs 
Fashion statement got changed every season and for every event but one this that still in fashion and popular is Anarkali frock. This fashion is originated from Mughal emperors time, as those Mughal ladies use such type of frocks. It has too much long flares, gives fantastic look as wide ghera from bottom side. You can pair it with churidar pajama, tulip pant or leggings, Double layered like in net and simple stuff is more common and popular style.
4. Tail Style Gowns and Frocks
Tail Gown and tail frock are slight different, as gowns are kept open from front side of the length of knees while back side is kept too long in round shape. Same this is down with frock, the basic difference is that frocks give more fabulous look when these are without front cut. And it is the best wear for any wedding or party event.
5. Angrakha Style Frocks
Angrakha style frocks is fashion of Indian women and also popular among Pakistani ladies. It is basically originated form angrakha suits where a lace is added on one side of the neckline. There are lots of options for girls when they go for party wear dresses as there are numberless variety in our country.
6. Front Open Style Frock
To give yourself a dramatic look style up a frock and make it front open then it will be just amazing. Pairing it with churidar pajama makes and simple stoned net or chiffon dupatta makes your look more stunner.
7. Jacket Style Frock
Jacket style is quite resembling to umbrella frock. There is a slight difference that a embellished jacket with stone work or thread work is added on a frock. It can be pre stitched or you can wear jacket separately as shown in the image.
8. A-Line
A-Line frock are also in fashion, as it gives the shape of A. It’s both right and left sides are upto toes while mid length is slight short. Banarsi or simple shimmery patch makes its just amazing.
9. Maxi Style
This stunning Maxi style will definitely set a lot of eyes on you and make you look ravishing. This is one gorgeous frock which has beautiful work on the arms and rest of the frock is almost simple. You can wear it to any event and you will look great.
10. Waist Belt Style
Whether you are wearing a simple frock, angrakha style or a peplum, adding a waist belt to this means make it more alluring in wear. As frocks a much flicks and flares when waist belt is added then fabric becomes conjusted at waist side and it looks more beautiful. These can be use to carry for party wear or causal wear in simple lawn fabric. It gives you more dramatic look.
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Top 10 Asian Girls Frock Styles and Types Collection 2018-2019
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Top 10 Asian Girls Frock Styles and Types Collection 2018-2019
Frock is an outfit that is now common for every kind of event. if you are going to attend any wedding function then you will find lots of designs in this as shown here.