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Best Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas and Smokey Makeup Tutorials For Beginners 2022-2023

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Smokey eyes are now most trendy among trendy makeup looks, as three shades of looks includes in this type of makeup: a light shade, medium and dark. When these three shades are combined together and after contouring they creates a perfect smudgy and dramatic look. This dark style is now opted for every type of function even you are going for day time party or night time hangouts. Traditionally, this looks best for nighttime functions. As this type of makeover considered to best formal, stylish as well as elegant.
However, smokey eyes don’t need yo stay confined to long hours after the sun goes down. classic smokeys include darker shades like black, grey and darkish brown shade. creativity goes beyond when it comes to dramatic smokey eye makeup. You shouldn’t have to feel like you can’t rock a smokey just because it is an afternoon event. All you have to do just simple changing and creativity to be fir for every type of function.
Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners:
As you see in this image, this look is too closer to classy look. However, it is bt lighter and more versatile than traditional smokey eyes. It will keeps the eye shadow at a lighter nude shade until it introduces a darker tone right at the outer corner. And the dark eye-shadow stops at the crease of the eye in order to keep the brow-bones light and stylish.

Smokey Eyes Look for Brown Eyes:
This uber-dramatic smokey eye look makes a combo of shimmer and thick winged eyeliner with a classic smokey eye. To achieve this look, use a shimmery nude instead of a matte shade for the inner corner and center of your eyelid. Also, you have to apply thick winged liner and blend it into the darker shade in your outer corner for a smooth, dramatic and classic finish.Smokey Eyes with Glitter:
This intricate look combines a classic smokey eye with a trendy cut crease. It uses a dark shadow above the crease of eyelid and a light shimmery shade across the center of the eyelid to create a gorgeous, dramatic contrast.Colorful Smokey Eyes color ideas:
It is not necessary that all smokey looks have to be a best combo of light and dark formula. The look shown above, uses a light shadow along the lash line and blends upward into a darker shadow. This twist on the traditional look helps your eyes to appear wider and brings them forward rather than allowing them to recede into your head.

Classic Black Smokey Eyes:
This smokey eye look is about as dark and dramatic as possible. Unlike other smokey eye looks that get progressively darker from inner to outer corner, this look uses black eye shadow across the entire eyelid. Then, it blends upward into a lighter color near the brow bone for a smooth finish.Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Look:
A gorgeous, shimmery copper smokey eye look is perfect for the autumn and winter months. Because it doesn’t use extremely dark shades like gray or black, it works well for daytime occasions that are less formal. The shimmery copper colors pair well with a dark red or purple lipstick like the one above.Purple Smokey Eyes:
Purple is a shade of that is frequently used in place of brown or black for smokey eye looks. Purple is a great choice of shade because it adds color to the look while keeping it dark and dramatic. The look above demonstrates a gorgeous plum smokey eye.

Brown Eyes With Smokey Look:
This look is perfect example of a light and versatility that still falls under the category of a
Smokey eye. It involves a progression of shades from light to dark like a classic Smokey eye. However, the colors it uses include white and lavender. This color choice is perfect for daytime occasions.
Dark Shades Smokey Look:
To create a Smokey look you don’t have to apply too much colors, you all to do have is just apply black shade. Like the look above, they can involve multiple different colors and still look beautiful. This look includes a black shadow that blends upward into a beautiful shade of reddish-brown.Step by step Smokey Eye tutorial for Beginners:
To attain a perfect classic look this tutorial will helps a lot. Smokey eyes are a daunting style, but they don’t have to be intimidating. Use a traditional formula like the one above to create a gorgeous Smokey eye that never fails to impress.
Step by Step Eye shadow:


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Smokey Blue Eyes:


Some Smokey Makeup Looks 2022

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Article Name
Best Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas and Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners 2022-2023
Smokey Eyes are now trendy among ladies makeover. These are in three shades in dark, light and medium shades.For night time out you have to apply in dark shade.



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Article Name
Best Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas and Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners 2022-2023
Smokey Eyes are now trendy among ladies makeover. These are in three shades in dark, light and medium shades.For night time out you have to apply in dark shade.