Asim Jofa Latest Festive Mysori Collection 2020 For Women


Hey Ladies! It’s time to discuss very sizzling series, as you know Eid is few days far away from us and everyone is busy in chasing shopping malls to buy a new and beautiful dress for this holy event. Today we will share the Asim Jofa Latest Festive Mysori Collection 2020. Many Pakistani brands and designers are busy in launching their latest collections for Eid and summer season like Khaadi, Maria.b, Bonanza and among all these names one name that always stunned their customers with their ravishing series is none other than is Asim Jofa.

Asim Jofa Eid Collection
[list][li]This name burst on to the fashion scene as a breath of fresh air. He started working in 2009 and established a kind of diamond boutique. He has won many awards not nationally but on international as well. He has achieved great acclaim for his many valuable collections displayed on the runways in the fashion capitals of the globe. AJ has been honored with IAFA International Asian Fashion Awards as the Best Designer Brand in 2012. Not only this, Asim continues to improve on perfection and in the future, he plans to create more buzz and dresses for Pakistani women fabulously, breaking fashion stereotypes along the way.[/li][/list]

Asim Jofa maysori collection for Eid is luxuriously embellished with intricate embroideries and chic patterns. Its items are always highly appreciated by women due to their uniqueness. So now its time to rejoice with this alluring dresses contains heavily embellished shirts with delicate crinkle end net dupattas.

Asim Jofa Embroidered Mysori Festive Designers Dresses Collection 2020

AJ provides seasonal as well as occasional collections like spring/summer, fall/winter, party wear, Formal wear as well as stunning Bridal Wear. This luxury eid collection contains fresh and vibrant color combinations like peach, reddish maroon, plum with gold, peach with bottle green, black, yellow and navy blue. Each dress is a masterpiece in itself. Show the glam with the regal colors and patterns. Fronts of shirts are fully embellished with stones and pearls.

One thing that makes this assortment quite distinctive than other brands that they not only focus on prints and embroidery they also work on color combinations and patterns that make each article different than other and distinctive. They have a technique that how to cope with their competitors. Now doubt this collection is quite expensive than other brands but its designs and works matters. A single piece makes you able to stand out in a crowd because its uniqueness and stunning work speak itself.

AJFS-01A :
[list][li] Its time to adorn yourself with this breath-taking outfit. It can be your partner for the next mehndi event right after Eid or a family festivity. Lehnga choli gives this festive season a flattering dimension to die for! Fully anchor embroidered choli on the net with a dashes of zari and matte sequins with ornamental boti on sleeves have added royalty to the outfit. Jeweled motifs have been marvelously placed on the lehenga to make you look like a complete goddess in the heavenly divine outfit. It is Paired with a powder pink embroidered Chiffon dupatta to gives you a more royal look. [/li][/list]

[list][li] A vivacious blend of zari, thread work, and 3D hand touch embroidery, filigree cutwork borders on living coral Organza kissed with pearls on this article. This shirt is Paired with an embroidered jaal Chiffon dupatta and dyed raw Silk pant. This design is a best and must-have for the forthcoming festivities.

AJFS-02B :
[list][li] Be the Diva with this antique Gold Organza shirt graced with the same colored thread, zari and embossed with 3D hand touch embroidered motifs. And it is also topped with rice pearls and 3D borders with delicate cutwork in contrasting resham is making this design avant-garde. Pairing it with same color pant and pearl encrusted dupatta. This outfit will surely make a regal look. [/li][/list]

AJFS-03A :
[list][li] The details include the intricate merger of zari and resham used to create architectural and baroque scrolls embroidered off a mustard Mysorie chiffon base. Also, the addition of pearls and Sitara have been added to add more glamour to the design. V-shaped embroidered borders on sleeves create an elongated and a graceful look to the outfit perfect for this silhouette. Elegance is personified when it gets paired up with an all-over embroidered dupatta with alternating motifs and pearl detailing. [/li][/list]

AJFS-03B :
[list][li]A highly ornate embroidered shirt rendered with resham and zari work on a lilac base of Mysorie chiffon to create a whimsical story. Dori scrolls are used to compliment the intricate detailing as Asim Jofa’s statement. It is styled in as a front-open style with ruffled organza hemming and a stunning embroidered neck Patti is stylized as a belt. Paired with a velvety purple embroidered dupatta and lilac pant. Good to go for a contemporary yet elegant look. [/li][/list]

AJFS-04A :

[/li][/list]Thos dress is heavily embellished with sequins, this combination of gradient geometrical and baroque ornamental composition in a classic midnight black looks chic and sleek jaw-dropping silhouette is perfect for moonlit occasions. Detail work of master crafted cut danna and crystal borders add more glamour to this. [/li][/list]

AJFS-04B :
[list][li] Embrace the glamour in this charming Maroon outfit embellished with self-colored embroidery along with glittering Sequins and exquisite thread work on Net. It is beautifully adorned with hand embroidery, enhanced with the combination of baroque ornaments and rhythmic embroidered pattern. Perfected with hand embroidered crystal encrusted border for the neckline. This design is beautifully coordinated with raw Silk bootcut pant and embroidered dupatta. [/li][/list]

AJFS-05A :
[list][li]This antique gold organza shirt is an ode to the vintage era. The design combines the age-old combination of muted gold with deep maroon and dull greens sprawled on Mysorie fabric. And having details of floral embroidery enhanced with resham, zari thin Dori, and scattered pearls complemented by heavily worked. Contrasted dupatta with this top and dyed trousers, this design epitomizes real elegance. [/li][/list]

AJFS-05B :
[list][li] A reminiscent of vintage times this design exudes richness embellished on muted mint colored Mysorie rendered in a beautiful combination of peach and green resham with antique gold zari, and thin dori topped with pearls on dupatta, this outfit is utter opulence. [/li][/list]

AJFS-06A :

[list][li]This deep Azure shade decked with rose gold and silver Dori complemented by a Fuchsia dupatta and completed with plain trouser that offers a perfect blend of richness and grandeur. Now Style it with heavy earrings and you are set to go. [/li][/list]

[list][li] This Rose gold and antique Dori work on a light sage green Chiffon shirt and paired with powder peach embellished dupatta and having dyed silk trouser to create a flawless piece for your evening parties. I will suggest that you girlies must have this piece. [/li][/list]

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Asim Jofa Latest Festive Mysori Collection 2020 For Women
Article Name
Asim Jofa Latest Festive Mysori Collection 2020 For Women
Asim Jofa luxury Eid ul Fitr collection is full of delicate embroideries, contains thread work, dori, sequins etc. This collection contains twelve articles in this series and all of them are masterpieces in itself.