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Nishat Linen Spring/Summer Women Lawn Printed and Embroidered Suits 2023- New Arrivals

Nishat Linen Spring/Summer Women Lawn Printed and Embroidered Suits 2023- New Arrivals

The latest summer collection by Nishat Linen contains all styles that a modern women need to update their wardrobe. This assortment is surely enough to makes you stand out in crowd whether you are in casual gathering or any semi-formal event. In fact, one may have lot of choices to pick their favorite style according to latest trend. Both soft and bold shades are part of this series enriched with beautiful prints.About NL

Nishat Mills Limited stands as one of the most modern, well equipped and stylish brand of Pakistan’s fashion industry. The company’s production line includes spinning, weaving, processing and generating beautiful designs at the same time under single roof. They brings you colors that are spices up with Asian Cultural values and norms. They aims at to produce such products that cope with latest trends and set new trends in market.
The famous NL company deal with both stitched and unstitch cloths with all elegance and styles. The sophistication and beauty can be notice by everyone when you go for any social gathering. Despite of floral and embroidered designs, their basic patterns are rising to the epitome of decency. As young girls love to wear simple and plain basic Kurta’s with simple motif or floral pastel. They known as highly modern and well equipped brand of Pakistan.
Nishat Linen Summer Lawn Dresses for Women 2023-24 | Ramazan Edit
Nishat Linen our most famous and well known brand of clothing line deals with both unstitched and stitch dresses, so to buy a dress of your choice becomes even more easier when you have lots of choices to choose from. They not only produce season assortments like winter and summer collection but also launches their festive wear in premium pret, luxury pret and formal range for women and men also. The range of colors by NL contains bucket of fabulous bold and pastel shades that suits for young and old age group ladies. The fabric is complimented with stylish prints, delicate embroideries and in Ready To Wear range modish cuts and stitching styles like long and short shirts with plazzo, gharara pants or Kaftans. Below Nishat Linen Summer Lawn Dresses for Women 2023 has been displayed with its contents details. Let’s have a look. Also visit Latest Gul Ahmed Summer Collection with amazing prints and cuts.
Table of Contents:
1-Nishat Linen Summer Printed Dresses

  • Printed Basic
  • 2pc
  • 3pc

2.Printed Embroidered

  •  2pc
  • 3pc

3.NL Ready-To-Wear Dresses

  • RTW Embroidered
  • RTW Basic and Printed
Nisha by Nishat Summer Printed Dresses
Nishat offers its customers the essence of eastern and western style with trendy and modish touch but they keep their cultural norms in mind while designs and styling a fabric. They pay very close attention to the customers taste and requirement that one may regret if they miss any outfits from this brand. They higher such models which can beautifully portray their collections as customers attract by the bill boards and hoardings. Their unstitched series are beautifully showcased with latest cuts that a girl may not find any difficulty while she is getting stitched their outfit from their tailor.Now this printed collection contains soft and bold shades like beige, grey, olive green, blues and soft pink. The stuff includes fine lawn fabric paired with cambric trousers and chiffon or lawn dupattas, which enhance their elegance. Printed Basic
As name indicates, printed basic series includes simple and plain fabric which is styled up by latest and trendy designs and cuts. Some are in clouts cuts and some are in short frocks. While printed Embroidered Two piece and three piece articles. Some girls don’t event like long drapes of dupattas so they go for shirt with trouser of shirt with jeans and simple stoler is enough for them, while some girls like three piece as they avoid from hustle of matching things. These dresses have slight embroidered motifs on shirt front of sleeves. Reay To Wear Dresses by Nishat Linen

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Nishat Linen Latest Women Summer Collection 2023
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Nishat Linen Latest Women Summer Collection 2023
The Latest Summer Lawn collection by Nishat Linen is everything that a modern women need. The whole catalog is enough to enhance your style.




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