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Sana Safinaz Latest Kurnool Winter Collection 2020 For Women

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Sana Safinaz a well-known name of the Pakistan clothing industry due to its high-quality fabric, elegant designs, and delicate embroidered patterns, is again back with their glamourous colored prints for fall 2020. You can’t even deny their designer’s extensive effort to provide industries best designs for their customers. They brought such revolutionary designs to get confused about which color and which format should be chosen. As each dress is enriched with favorable colors and has embroidery on shirts front and beautiful motifs, making this assortment more regal. Get ready and choose your favorite style statement for this fall. They have 14 articles in this series, and each of these is beautifully adorned with lively colors.

SS Latest Kurnool, Winter Collection 2020 For Women, is here, and once again, they have stunned the market with their glamourous designs. The art of showcasing the design reflects their teamwork, art, and creativity—moreover, stylish jewelry making more sense to each dress. An impressive blend of culture and modern trends are part of this collection. The combination of bold hues snatching the attention of every other lady. The fabric is a mix of cambric, chiffon, and net. Black is the color that never goes out of fashion, so each dress has a light glimpse of black shade, while blue is also here with its funky touch.

Kurnool Sana Safinaz Latest Fall Collection 2020 Complete Catalogue

After selecting a dress, then it becomes difficult how to style it up? So they offer stylish designs with each article to stitch it up like this. Due to the quality of fabric and designs, each dress becomes more worthy. You can carry this series as casual hangouts or for semi-formal events to add some laces and embroidered brooches to dress. When it comes to delicacy in ladies’ clothing, then Sana Safinaz remains at the top listed names. In the gallery, you can notice how they keep in mind the customer’s delight.

Kurnool is an ode to regal hues of different color combinations, intricate booties, and gold zari finishings. The age-old classic block print has been revived with a modern twist in Pre-fall fabrics. Each of the seven unstitched articles in 14 colorways has been crafted to fit your luxurious and contemporary needs.

Inspired by Morrocan and chintz motifs, this moss green cross-slub shirt is adorned with beautiful prints, embroidery, organza finishing’s, and satin borders. It comes with a delicate embroidered neckline on organza, having black shade, cream and antique gold, and digital printed bold satin border. You can pair it with our purple cotton tensil pants and woven gauze granola dupatta with gold embroidery to give it that added appeal.

A cross-slub marmalade shirt enriched with classic Moroccan and chintz of motifs. The neckline is embroidered in black, cream, and antique gold. The sleeves are in marmalade, biscuit, and having south Asian motifs. This ensemble comes with beige cotton pants and a stone beige dupatta with a gold printed satin pallu border.

This cross-slub ruby red shirt has a gold block print technique and antique gold embroidery on the neckline. Paired with matching ruby red cotton tensil pants and a fancy banarsi style dupatta in stone beige with a paisley gold printed border in satin.

This taupe, antique gold, and baby pink shirt have traditionally gold prints on the front, back, and sleeves with an embroidered gold neckline on organza. It is paired with cotton tensil matching pants and a woven gauze banarsi dupatta in baby pink. The satin gold printed border further makes this a masterpiece stand out.

This ensemble is a combination of imperial purple, luxe gold, and turquoise. The cottel black and antique gold shirt has a fusion of South Asian paisleys and jamawar motifs and an embroidered neckline in antique gold. It comes with black cotton tensil pants and an aubergine weaved zari dupatta.

This aubergine and antique gold cottel shirt is infused with a gold print of classic paisleys and jamawar bootis. The raspberry, ferozi, and gold shade sleeves bring together the chattapatti look and are finished with other dresses. The neckline is embroidered in deep aubergine and antique gold and paired with straight pant aubergine pants and a raspberry woven zari dupatta.

This charcoal black, mauve, and the antique gold cotton satin shirt is gold printed and inspired by a fusion of the Kashmiri Paisley and Damask motifs. It is Enriched with Kashmiri colors with an embroidered daaman and patti on the lawn and our cotton tensil pants in charcoal black. The matching dupatta is made of woven zari in rouge pink, with printed pallu borders making this article more regal.

This gold printed cotton satin shirt is a combination of winter mint, celeste, antique gold, and punch pink shades with a fusion of Kashmiri Paisleys and Damask inspired patterns. The embroidered daaman and patti on lawn features a mix of Kashmiri paisleys and floral patterns. The cotton pants are a winter mint colour, and paired with our woven zari matching mint dupatta with printed pallu borders and thullian pink and antique gold bootis.

This barn red and carmine cotton satin printed shirt comes with a gold embroidered cord neckline on a lawn stuff. It is paired with a gold striped and grey gauze woven dupatta with banarsi touches that complement the barn red cotton tensil pants.

This eggplant and plum cotton satin shirt with a printed front and back is a beautiful combination of orange, pink, hues of purple and gold. The embroidered cord neckline in gold has a fusion of South Asian motifs. The matching cotton tensil pants in deep aubergine contrast with the teal green woven dupatta making it more ethernal.

This cotton satin umber shirt has a fusion of South Asian motifs in red, mango and antique gold. The embroidered and sequined neckline on a contrasting purple lawn base comes in varying gold shades that are just eye-cathing. It ia paired with umber cotton tensil pants and a jewel-toned red woven cotton net dupatta with a gold printed satin pallu border to carry as for formal events.

This blue, cream, antique gold, and brown cotton satin shirt enriched with gold printed and inspired by a fusion of South Asian motifs. It has an embroidered and sequined neckline on a contrasting magenta lawn. Also paired with matching chocolate brown cotton tensil pants and a blue woven dupatta with gold pallu.

A royal blue, oxford blue, enriched with antique gold and black cottel gold printed shirt with south Asian paisleys and jamawar motifs. The embroidered neckline is in shades of blue, purple, gold, and black on a black lawn base with our recreation of the Kashmiri paisley motifs makes this article moer alluring. It comes with oxford blue cotton tensil pants and a royal blue woven zari dupatta. The dupatta border is in black, aubergine, gold, shades of green and pink silk with a fusion of South Asian paisley and floral embroidery.

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Sana Safinaz Latest Fall/Winter Collection 2020
Article Name
Sana Safinaz Latest Fall/Winter Collection 2020
Sana Safinaz Kurnool collection is an ode to regal hues of different color combinations, intricate booties, and gold zari finishings. Each dress is a masterpiece enriched with beautiful floral motifs.



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Sana Safinaz Latest Fall/Winter Collection 2020
Article Name
Sana Safinaz Latest Fall/Winter Collection 2020
Sana Safinaz Kurnool collection is an ode to regal hues of different color combinations, intricate booties, and gold zari finishings. Each dress is a masterpiece enriched with beautiful floral motifs.