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Serene Premium Roxanne Embroidered Lawn Collection 2020

Serene Premium Roxanne Embroidered Lawn Collection 2020
[list][li]Welcome the spring season with a radiant wardrobe that has it all from unique designs to elegant embroidery and premium fabric. Direct the scorching summer heat to your wardrobe and let the temperature turn up with a unique and stylish collection by a renowned brand Serene Premium as its name shows itself that each article of every series contains premium quality stuff and flawless prints. So, now its Summer collection is full of hues and embroideries and excellent work of patches on some of the dresses. Adding uniqueness and exclusivity in every design, this assortment puts forward a well-processed statement. Impersonating the true spirit of ground breaking summer and scorching season with vibrant hues and fabulous prints, Roxanne stands out from the rest due to the lively nature of its being. The dreamy compositions, an aesthetic portrayal of Eastern cultural heritage decorated with delicate embroideries and details will make all the ladies steal the crowd. Roxanne is everything you could need to revamp your summer closet! [/li][/list]

[list][li]Serene is brand that has proved itself in just a very short span of time period. It has unique aesthetic of juxtaposing refined elegance with all modern touch through its colorful palette, premium quality fabric and time giving attention to every design. They have combined 100% pure chiffon with unpredictable designs at an economical price that can be affordable for every class.

The key of this brand is quality, design, affordability and innovation. The brand aims at not only to sell a piece of fabric but to produce such that creates a beautiful relation between customers and team. Winning the hearts of its customers since the time of its establishments, they have drifted towards the foundation of its another sub-brand Majestic and Imrozia. There summer collection is full of hues.They are taking inspirations from both eastern and western culture that bounds to mold into one of the best classy fashion trends. [/li][/list]

[list][li] Rosella is birthed on a lively and eye-catching color pallet with delicate embroidered details, further added pearls to create a perfect ideal summer attire. [/li][/list]

[list][li] An ultimate choice to beat this scorching heat with this fabulous color scheme along fancy thread work. Carmel is produced to make a bold and significant statement without compromising on grace and styles. [/li][/list]

[list][li]Inspired from antiquity of heritage, this stunning design with its breezy tones and stunning pearl ornamentation is just near nature, regal and elegant.[/li][/list]

[list][li] Crimson is full of colors and life, lively shade, and a soothing spirit etching on one kind of lawn fabric, rendering delicate embroideries and artistic prints. [/li][/list]

[list][li] It’s time to go with voila, a timeless piece wrapped with luscious details. Voila is a picture-perfect lawn ensemble. [/li][/list]

[list][li] An ideal artistic afternoon look, Nora hails from cultural heritage and ethnicity, adding the right amount of glamour and elegance to its existence. [/li][/list]

[list][li] Luna calls out an Easter lady to opt this fabulously embroidered lawn attire for spring soirees bound you to make the queen of every occasion. [/li][/list]

[list][li] Step into latest trends with Dahlia, a well-balanced pattern design that is elegant as well as flattering. [/li][/list]

[list][li] Its time to step into summer looks like a perfect diva in Pixie, sophisticated and ethereal to its every core, ensuring to perk up your mood with its subtlety. [/li][/list]

[list][li] Amelia will surely brighten the day as it calms and angelic tone, making this summer more enjoyable.[/li][/list]

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Latest Luxury Embroidered Lawn By Serene Premium
Serene Premium has launched its newest formal lawn collection named as "Roxanne", that is beautifully intricate with embroideries, flawless prints and best amalgamation of Eastern and western touch.