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Tena Durrani Latest Bridal Dresses 2016 Collection for Wedding

Tena Durrani Latest Bridal Dresses 2016 Collection for Wedding
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Tena Durrani is very famous and known name in Pakistan Clothing Industry and it is recognized in nationwide for its innovative and unique dresses designs that came under designers roof. She is very talented and famous designer who came in fashion industry couples of years back and every piece of dress designed by her a master piece and and divine in its print. Different types of of wears ranging to casual, formal to semi-formal wear and bridal wear are designed by her. The best piece is by her his bridal collection, the best way to judge her sense of designing.
[/well] In the year 2016, She has paid lots of its attention and did har work toward bridal wear. Wide variety of outfits for different events, wedding and other functions are designed. The main focus in this assortment is on color combination, embroidered work and lace works.
The best thing in this assortment is her taste in choosing color for each apparel. The hues for dholki, mehndi, mayoun are orange, yellow and green and for barat is maroon and deep red with other contrasting hues like beige and ivory. Color used for Walima function include sky blue, grey, tea pink, and soft silver. Tena Durrani Latest Bridal Dresses 2016 Collection for Wedding is composed of various anarkali frocks, lehenga’s and open shirts for barat and reception.
Tena Durrani Bridal Wear Lehnegas and Gowns 2016-2017 for Weddding
[list][li]For the function of barat, the best ever dress is to wear lehenga. Now number of variations are made in this typical bridal lehenga’s range. Now, in this assortment Tena has laid emphasis on the gown style and open shirt style. The embroidered work is enhanced by intricate beads and studs as well as with pearls and diamonds. Ordinary thread work is not common in brides wear, but studs and beads used with copper and silver thread work which adds more grace and sophistication to dress.[/li][/list] Reception or Walima is another function of wedding event. In the Tena Durrani Bridal Wear Lehnegas and Gowns 2016-2017 for Wedding , each apparel is deigned in unique and distinctive soft and light hues. Sky Blue and Mint Green is mote stunning color for Walima function. Light and delicate embroidered motifs is also used to add more glamour and elegance to piece. On open gowns, front side is also adorned with beautiful tassels, sequins and pearls, sometime these are used on back side. Tena has also used blue and purple color in various shades that are used in this assortment. Here we have showcased some stunning design of her latest collection. So have a look.

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